Beer and Brats Potato Chips Review

So one afternoon I’m strolling through my local grocery store and what do I spy with my little eye? I see an end-cap filled with the newest offerings of the “weird flavored” Frito Lay potato chips, and right in the middle of this display… a snack food pairing made in heaven, Beer and Brat flavored potato chips! Out the way Queso and red bag of whatever flavor, Merica is here and it has arrived in the form of Beer and Brat potato chips!

Of course buying this bag of chips was a total impulse but at $3 I’m more than fine with that.  Truthfully I don’t normally go for Lays chips, I much prefer my local option of Better Maid, but with such a wonderful flavor combination how could one resist? So in the cart these bad boys go along with a plethora of other healthy snacks, potato is a vegetable even in chip form, and to the register we went.

Upon arriving home it became snack time.  After all grocery shopping is a very strenuous activity and you need to restore your strength for the afternoon, it’s not like sports are going to watch themselves on tv.  To no real surprise these chips looked like potato chips, almost suspiciously so if it wasn’t for the bag informing me that they were in fact chips and not a dehydrated bratwurst. Time to crack a beer and chow down as we settle in.

The chips themselves are alright, they probably don’t warrant the build up I’ve set up for them.  Basically what you’re getting are potato chips with some dry mustard on them for seasoning.  Whatever the beer flavor is supposed to be I didn’t get, but that’s ok, we have ways of adding beer flavor to pretty much anything.  These chips are good but calling them beer and bratwurst flavored is kind of a reach.  However if you like the flavor of mustard, and who doesn’t, these chips are worth grabbing a bag of and trying. In the meantime I’ll continue to wait for other snack foods that combine beer and delicious food.  Beer and pizza chips, Beer and taco Dortios, and course beer and pretzel pretzels! The possibilities are endless.




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