Why Beer and Biking Work Together

Featured Contributor – Beth @brewcitybiker1 from Milwaukee, WI


Beer is a local thing. Think about your local breweries and brewpubs. They are spaces to gather with friends and neighbors, hang out and talk about our lives. Many of us beer aficionados make pilgrimages to our favorite breweries outside of our city to taste the brews from the source.

Biking is also a local thing. It gets you around within your community. You can bike to your favorite brewery or craft beer bar and you will see more of your community along the way. If you’re crazy like me, biking can get you to breweries outside your city, state and even country. I enjoy doing “brewery bike tours” and am in the process of planning my third. It is super satisfying to bike and be rewarded with a cold, carbonated pint. On tour, there is no doubt that you’ve earned your beer and some food to go along with the brews.


Breweries are a good place to meet people and it’s likely you already have one interest in common — beer! I love that when I bike to a brewery, I have an immediate talking point. “Oh you biked here?” Tell me more, the curious seem to say. I’ve met some amazing people just from plopping down my helmet next to someone sitting at the bar near me. Sometimes you meet people from back home when you are on the other side of the world and other times you meet people from the other side of the world when you are in your hometown.

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Let’s talk about drunk cyclists. Biking and drinking is not about getting smashed. Falling off your bike drunk is no fun. You can hurt yourself and your bike. Those who bike intoxicated are more likely to hurt themselves than others, which can be considered positive when compared to the risks of drunk driving. There’s always going to be someone who takes things too far. Your job is to avoid that person while riding and not be that person yourself. Keeping upright is all about knowing your limits and not breaking them.


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“…. Biking is part of my daily life as well as a passion that I take with me on adventures. And craft beer has challenged me to learn. I am a homebrewer and aspiring beer judge. Thank goodness these two passions cancel each other out calorie wise!”

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Beth Pickhard

Beth Pickhard

I have a passion for beer, bikes and travel and write about these things on my blog, Brew City Biker. My mission is to explore the world of craft beer by bike and involve newbies in these activities. I am a homebrewer and BJCP Certified Beer Judge.

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