#BCBS 2016

#BCBS 2016 In Pictures

Love it or hate it, The Black Friday release of Goose Island Beer Company’s Bourbon County Brand Stout (BCBS) is a monster event in Chicago, as well as the rest of the nation. Some deplore it because it represents AbInBev’s successful encroachment on American craft. Others, notably in Chicago, love the BCBS release for its history and influence on American Craft Beer. Meanwhile, many could care less about anything beyond the fact that BCBS tastes fantastic. Regardless of how anyone feels, BCBS Black Friday release is associated with Thanksgiving-night campouts and subsequent Black Friday morning lines that often stretch for several city blocks.

The latest Instagram hashtag count surpassed 34,000 entries for #BCBS and more than 53,000 for #BourbonCounty . For those that have obtained a few bottles or sampled it at beer-centric bars, posting a picture of BCBS is akin to mounting a deer head trophy on the wall — proof of a successful hunt! Few beers can match that type of response. What better way in 2016 to capture that event than in the pictures taken by beer geeks, bars, and bottle shops. Here’s a sample of some pictures found on Instagram – call it “Black Friday Bourbon Beer Porn.”

#bcbs #bourboncountyblackfriday woo hoo! First 200 people get a bag of free swag!

A photo posted by Jodi Rosanbalm (@jrosanbalm) on

Didn't find any 2016 Bourbon County, but definitely not upset when your LBS has these on the shelf.

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Guess what I'm drinking?!? So good @gooseisland #bcbcs #craftbeerlife

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First year with the elf – am I doing it right? #elfontheshelf #gooseisland #bourboncounty #bcbs #craftbeer

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2016 Bourbon County Imperial Stout by @gooseisland #craftbeer #beer #instabeer #beerstagram #gooseisland #bcbs #stout

A photo posted by Michael Taylor (@taylormade93_) on

Bourbon county day was a good day. #bcbs #bourboncounty #rare

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This is all I got. This is all I need. #GooseIsland #BCBS #BCBS16 #CraftBeer

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My kind of Black Friday. #bcbs #bourboncounty

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#blackfriday #gooseisland #bourboncounty #bcrare #bcbs #bcbw #bccoffee

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Happy Black Friday! #bcbs #bourboncounty #bourboncountystout #gooseisland #chicago #beer #craftbeer

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A little Black Friday shopping….#bcbs #bourboncounty #stout #blackfriday

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Frying a turkey and enjoying some #gooseisland #bcbs #blackfryday

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Nearly a quarter of a century ago, Goose Island brewer Greg Hall (who now heads Virtue Cider in Michigan) thought it might be fun to put beer in bourbon barrels. I would surmise that he can safely feel good about that decision.

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