Barrel Aged Fury : Fury For A Feast Beer Preview

Over the last few weeks we have been talking quite a bit about the upcoming Fury for a Feast taking place at Witch’s Hat Brewing Co. on August 27th.  Throughout this series of posts we have talked about the brewery, some of the flagship beers, the base beer for many of the barrel aged beers, and of course the event itself.  I want to reiterate that this event is about the charity drive first and foremost. Beer is great but the bigger goal, by far, is to give back to the community and help the charities Gleaners Community Food Bank and Blessings in a Backpack.  That being said Fury for a Feast is an event that also features some absolutely amazing beers, and if you’re going to an event that features over 20 high quality barrel aged beers one would be absolutely crazy not to partake in some of these fermented pieces of art.

Batch 500

One of the beers being introduced at this year’s Fury is Batch 500, a barrel aged sour variant of Train Hopper, Witch’s Hat’s flagship IPA.  Batch 500 is a bottle conditioned sour ale that has been aged in wine barrels and features some Brett and American wild ale.  Batch 500 pours a nice deep orange color with almost a bit of a pink hue and a white head that falls relatively quickly.   The citrusy notes really shine through on Batch 500 and as a result the once prominent hops are now somewhat tamed and replaced with a bitter tartness and remarkable freshness of this memorable ale.  The beer is refreshing with a light and crisp mouth-feel that leaves a lingering sour flavor in the mouth and is definitely a “must have” beer to try if you like sour ales.


Dragon Trax

One of the more classic offerings available at Fury for a Feast is Dragon Trax, a barrel aged imperial stout touting a reputation of excellence.  Dragon Trax is often reffered to as a “whale beer” in that the buzz around the beer is so much stout lovers all over seek this beer out year round. As soon as you pour this beer your nose is met with the a dense sweet smell of bourbon, peanut butter, and vanilla.  It’s amazing, intense, and mouth watering.  Of course, as a stout, the beer pours nice and dark, jet black and has a nice tan head that lingers but isn’t oppressively thick.  Then you get the flavor on this beer, and it is loaded with flavor.  This beer is pack with vanilla, peanut butter, coffee and chocolate while being complimented with a subtle coconut flavor as well as the respectable heat of bourbon. This beer tastes exactly like it smells and it’s simply fantastic. Every flavor in this beer manages to be prominent yet still balanced out so that it doesn’t overkill the palate.  Make no mistake Dragon Trax is a big beer, and the body of the beer, aroma, and flavors all back that up.  If you like stouts this beer should definitely be on your wish list, every drop of this masterpiece is a stout lovers dream come true.

Well Water

What better way to follow-up a top shelf sour ale and a highly complex stout?  Wrap everything up with the perfect night-cap beer of  course, and when it comes to beer night caps there isn’t much better than Well Water.  Well Water is a barley wine aged in Buffalo Trace Bourbon barrels that is also dry hopped a second time while still in the barrel.  The result is a dark amber-colored brew that’s loaded with an up front bourbon flavor as well as molasses and dried fruit.  As this beer warms up notes of vanilla and toffee peek out and balance out the beer making it an extremely enjoyable beer that is not only strong, but an excellent beer if your making the jump from bourbon over to craft beer.  Lastly, Well Water ages beautifully.  There are plenty of winter warmer style beers out there but when it comes to a beer that will truly “warm you up” few put more of a fire in the belly than a solid barley wine, and Well Water is always on the top of my wish list when I’m looking for a good barrel aged barley wine on a cold day.


Fury For A Feast Draft List

The entire draft list (pictured above) is now available to view and this list is killer, no doubt about it.  Beer hunters go nuts for many of these brews and from personal experience each one of these beers that I’ve had the joy of trying on this list has not just been good, it’s been mind-bogglingly fantastic.  Fury for a Feast is a great event and the price for admission is extremely reasonable ($5 at the door or $3 with any 2 non perishable food items). The cause is what is really important about Fury for a Feast and being able to help charities like Gleaners and Blessings in a Backpack is more rewarding than any beer.  Additionally if you are a beer lover this event lives up to the hype year in and year out and there are few things that pair together better than fantastic beer and a good cause.



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