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Today We Raise a Glass to Dave

Featured Contributor –    Ed Goldsworthy  @TheOnlyFeed Guys. Letterman retired. I have sad feelings. It’s been 4 days and I am just kind of coming to grips with this. If you are one of the proud and triumphant that number amongst the 3 people who have ever read a blog post of mine (John, David and my mom) then you know that I deliver a heavy degree of self-deprecation, sarcasm and snark. I use those for a couple reasons. One, as a coping mechanism  because of my…

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Going Dry for 30 Days

Going Dry for 30 Days Featured Contributor –    Ed Goldsworthy If I had to judge my overall health right now I could sum it up this way: not good. I am not in the best shape of my life. I’m in my worst. And it’s a really terrible feeling. I mean seriously. Why did I eat so many Doritos? Is it because they are so delicious? The answer is yes! So, I recently decided that I simply have to do something about this. I’ve done…

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