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Adam is a craft beer and mustache aficionado who majored in philosophy to implore the nature of craft beer. He founded the and can be followed on twitter @the1macattack

The Missing Spark in The Craft Beer Industry

Featured Contributor: Adam McIntosh @The1MacAttack The craft beer industry is right on the cusp of another boom. Some would say that the boom is already happening with roughly 3,000 craft breweries currently in the United States . It seems though that the craft beer industry is missing a link between the world of IT (or computers) and itself. Yes there are dozens of sites, such as this site itself, BeerAdvocate, and various other sites.  There are countless blogs, podcasts, and even media sites dedicated to craft…

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The Future Of The Craft Beer

Featured Contributor: Adam McIntosh @The1MacAttack Nano-Breweries are the future of the craft beer boom. Let me put it simply. While everyone else is hyping over Hopslam or Oberon, even debating when a microbrewery is no longer one I’m out scouting breweries who have a 3BBL system (A 3 barrel brewing system) or less. In Petoskey Michigan there is one such called Beards Brewery, tucked away in between two shops housing a 1BBL system. These small tap rooms and brew houses are the future of craft beer.…

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You’re drinking Your Beer Wrong.

Featured Contributor: Adam McIntosh @The1MacAttack   “You’re Drinking Your Beer Wrong.” Let’s get straight to the point- you’re drinking your beer wrong, it’s not your fault, you were taught that beers are best served chilled, maybe even at a temperature of 45 degrees. But you were taught wrong. And that has been preventing you from having the best quality of beer possible. Even breweries who serve you a draft cold are doing you a disservice. Now, that doesn’t mean you should stop enjoying (and supporting) your…

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Stroker Ace Beer Review

Featured Contributor: Adam McIntosh @The1MacAttack I picked up the new Short’s variety pack a couple days ago at my local grocery store, knowing that it would be worth it. Shorts, in their ever growing impressive list of IPA’s has one called the ‘Stroker Ace‘, before I had actually tried to beer, I assumed that it was going to be strong and hoppy, beefed up like a pure American muscle car. When I hear the word ‘Stroker’, they think of a car or a motorcyle roarin’ down…

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