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Steve Body is a beverage writer who started as a straight journalist, with East Coast newspapers and magazines, and took a wrong turn about thirty years ago. He's been writing about beer since his college days and about wine and whiskey since 1999. He lives in Tacoma, Washington, freelances on subjects ranging from politics to food to real estate to laser-stream chromotography, and has a seven-pound terrier/chihuahua mix who farts and belches in his sleep.

The 100 IBU Ale: When 100 Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Means

  As Americans, we have a thing about 100. “100” indicates good, excellent, perfect, exceptional. 100 on your test is a perfect score. 100% means everything, all of it,  totality. 100 has become a milepost, a yardstick…and a horribly unreliable one at that. Beer is maybe the best example. “100 IBU” is derived from a measurement system based on the International Bittering Units, a loose worldwide agreement we all use to measure the hops content of any beer. But the deceptive part of that sentence…

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