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6 Beers a Tasting

6 Beers a Tasting I like beer, and to be honest with you I’ve gotten my girlfriend to like some beers too. So, what we often do is go to the local beer distributor (or grocery store – thanks PA) where they sell single bottles of beer and we will have our own mystery tastings from our unique six pack.  Since I do not like to mix beers all night long this tasting lasted over a span of a week. Beer #1:  The first beer…

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Moo-HooChiato – Beer Review

Moo-hooChiato?  Moo-Hoo thank you very much! Beer Facts: Style: Sweet Stout Brewery: Terrapin Beer Company ABV: 8.5% Availability: One Time Brew? Have you ever woken up on a Saturday morning, after a long Friday night, longing for another beer or hair of the dog, but seriously really aching for chocolate milk? Well, why not have both?! My very good friend, Trish, a Georgia native, is a stout lover/wine connoisseur.  Whenever she is out at any of the many local eating establishments near us, and she…

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