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Beer Review – 420 Extra Pale Ale From SweetWater Brewing

On Tuesdays, one of our local bars like to feature all of their beers for $2. That’s right, $2 Tuesdays, all day, every Tuesday. And yes, it can get a little crazy. Well, I decided to swing by on one of those days and do some beer reviews. And, one of my choices was this little dandy here, Sweetwater Brewing’s 420 Extra Pale Ale. And no, there wasn’t any 420 benefit included. First thing that I noticed was that there wasn’t much of a head…

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Beer Review – Heller Bock from Josephsbrau Brewing

For this review, I decided to take a look at the Heller Bock from Trader Joe’s Josephsbrau brewing. This 7% ABV Helles Bock lager is a nice smooth ride as a golden lager. It pours as a nice dark amber ale with a nice off white head. It’s aroma is much like a floral bouquet with hints of breadiness, and it’s flavor is has a good burst that provides a nice average to long duration. But be aware, as this one does provide a slight spice…

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Beer Review – Mafka From Arbor Brewing Company

The Mafka from Arbor Brewing is a 5% blended sour ale. Three sours are used to make this beer, which is also soaked on staves of Velvet Hammer casks. The beer itself is dark brown in color with a pretty good foamy beige head. The aroma of cherries jump nicely out of the glass, and to me is reminiscent of wine. My initial taste provided a nice burst of flavor with some slight bitterness initially, and of course some tartness. The texture was slightly thin,…

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Lagunitas Lil Sumpin’ Sumpin’ & Lil Sumpin Extra Ale Review

This one here was a fun little ride as I visited one of my local bars for a little $2 Tuesday action. They have over 30 beers usually and I am a fan of Lagunitas, so the call was pretty much automatic. I had heard a lot about this one as well, so the anticipation was high when I saw it listed as an offering. So, how did it play out? Well, a little sumpin’ sumpin’ is right. This hoppy pale wheat ale is a…

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Proper Title…Maybe It is Crafty

Editors Note: This post features contributions from Rod Jones, John Fahrner and Don Manfredi   A thought from my last visit to Chicago was what do we do with breweries like Goose Island and their place? Many have looked to exclude them as craft beers since they had been purchased by AB InBev, but they still produce a fine quality craft beer. I have heard companies like this beginning to be described as ‘crafty.” What are your thoughts? I can see the “crafty” title, but…

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The Art of Cellaring Beer!

Featured Contributor Rod Jones @RodJBeerVenture A good many beer enthusiasts get into the habit of cellaring beer, which can be a great way to learn how to smooth out flavors over time. But in doing so, a person has to know the right kid of beers to cellar. For instance, a common rule is to choose beers that are at least 8% ABV. But, that is only a baseline as it should also be the right kind of beer. For instance, hop heavy beers such as…

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