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Rick is a consultant in training and development at Fenwick Koller Associates and a college professor in Industrial and organizational psychology. He likes following the local professional sports teams.

Rick Fenwick, Ph.D.

Unibroue Grande Reserve 17 (Belgian Strong Dark Ale) Review

In Search of the Holy Ale I remember a couple of years ago reading a magazine on craft beer and seeing an add for a special black ale brewed by Unibroue in Canada that was advertised as the “World’s Best Dark Ale.” It was awarded an international platinum medal three years in a row. This got my attention since I like black ales and it was a bold statement to claim to be the “World’s Best Dark Ale.”Every time I would go on a “beer run,”…

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Left Hand Brewing Co. Mountain Mixer Variety Pack – Beer Review

Rick Fenwick I found a 12-pack Mountain Mixer Variety Pack brewed by Left Hand Brewing in Longmont, CO. Their logo is a graphic of a left hand that appears on all of their products. They also use the word “balanced” in describing a lot of their beers and this was a good description. There are no overwhelming tastes with any of these beers. Included in the 12 pack was 4 different types of beer: Sawtooth Ale Nitro, 400 Pound Monkey IPA, Milk Stout, and…

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Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale Beer Review

Featured Contributor Rick Fenwick The Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale is one of my favorite beers of all time. It’s brewed by the Alltech Lexington Brewing and Distilling Co.  I have had the Kentucky Ale and it is also a good beer. They age the Kentucky Ale up to 6 weeks in bourbon barrels from Kentucky distilleries to get the Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale. I first tried one at the Winking Lizard at Independence, OH. which is an Ohio restaurant featuring a large selection of beer…

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Smokey Mountain Brewery Gatlinburg, TN – Brewery Review

Rick Fenwick This Memorial Day weekend we went to Gatlinburg, TN. It is a place with beautiful scenery and lots of things to do. One of my favorite places there to eat and sample some beers is the Smokey Mountain Brewery. They also have breweries in Pigeon Forge, Turkey Creek, and Maryville. The one in Gatlinburg is located right off of the main strip and offers a nice view. We were able to walk there from our hotel. The building is attractive inside and…

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Breckenridge Vanilla Porter Review

Featured Contributor:  Rick Fenwick In my pursuit of the craft beer experience, I go through phases. Right now, I am particularly enjoying porters and stouts. I have always had a preference for darker beers and the porters and stouts today are offering a lot of flavor and choices. I really like the vanilla porters, but I have noticed it can be difficult to sense the vanilla in some of them. I was browsing in one of my favorite craft beer stores and found a…

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Hap and Harry’s Tennessee Lager

Featured Contributor:  Rick Fenwick Drinking craft brew is fun. Part of the fun is seeing the creativity of the brewers with the names, labels, and even ingredients. When I drink a craft beer, I like to see the bottle and the label. I also like to read the story that comes with the beer. It is all part of the fun. When I think of Tennessee, the first association with food and beverages that comes to mind is Tennessee whiskey, like Jack Daniels. The…

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Yazoo Dos Perros – Beer Review

Featured Contributor: Rick Fenwick Last year our company started doing work in the Nashville area, which provided an opportunity to do some craft beer exploring. A craft beer brand there is Yazoo . We would often find Yazoo available on draft at area restaurants. All of Yazzo’s beers were good. One of their beers I like in particular is a brown ale called Dos Perros . This is a light-bodied brown ale with big flavor. It offers a hint of sweetness and of hops.…

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Lucky Buddha: Enlightened Beer – Beer Review

Featured Contributor: Rick Fenwick I have driven south on I-69 more times than I would like to count. When my son was small, he used to say that there was nothing in Indiana but corn. It tends to be a boring drive. Sometimes we find something special in the least likely place. Once on the way back to Michigan, I noticed a sign (around Exit 324) for a carryout store advertising a “good selection of craft beers.” After several more trips back to Michigan and…

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