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Weyerbacher’s Autumnfest Beer

Featured Contributor – Nick  @QuickSud As we make the transition from Fall into Winter, I took this opportunity to try a new Oktoberfest style beer before the season was completely over. In this case, an AutumnFest beer brewed by Weyerbacher. Previously, I had sampled their Imperial Pumpkin Ale – which was pretty tasty; albeit strong on the spicy side of pumpkin beers. A quick note about Oktoberfest-styled beers. Before refrigeration, beers were typically brewed until March in Germany due to the warm temperatures making it…

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Elysian Brewing Company – Split Shot Espresso Milk Stout

Featured Contributor – Nick  @QuickSud Coffee and beer – these are a few of my favorite things… So when I heard that Seattle’s Elysian Brewing Company was taking Seattle Stumptown coffee and combining it with a traditional, creamy milk stout, I felt the need to rush out to and get my hands on it – unlike many of the gifts I procrastinated in purchasing this year. (oops) So many craft beers today promise that they are the next big thing – especially stouts – and unfortunately they don’t always…

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Great Lakes Brewing Company – Nosferatu Imperial Red Ale

Featured Contributor – Nick  @QuickSud What makes a cult classic? Usually a few key ingredients are involved: A dedicated fan base A controversial or hard to find product It has been said that the 1920s film, Nosferatu, was the very first cult classic movie. The film was certainly quite controversial in its time, being labeled as an unauthorized take on Bram Stoker’s original Dracula. Film makers however never officially obtained rights to the original film, and because of this, the Stokers sued, won and ordered all existing copies of the film…

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Stone Brewing Company’s GoTo IPA Review

Featured Contributor – Nick  @QuickSud For this session, I chose a true ‘session’ beer – Stone Brewing Company’s new 2014 offering, the GoTo IPA. Before we get into the brew, let’s quickly talk about the Session style of beer. In basic terms, this is a beer with a lower ABV, lending itself well to a proper 2-3 hour drinking ‘session.’ Yes, this is a beer that you can indulge in over the course of a few hours and not immediately feel its effects. With that…

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Brooklyn Pilsner Review

Featured Contributor – Nick  @QuickSud Can a pale lager truly be called a Pilsner if not brewed in the town of Plzeň, Czechoslovakia? How about if it’s brewed in New York? To answer this question, let’s dig a bit deeper into the particular style. So, what exactly is a Pilsner? The short answer is that it is a pale lager invented in 1842 in the town of Plzeň. One of the key ingredients of a true Pilsner is the soft water found in Plzeň –…

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