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Wittekerke Wild Beer Review

You know that one guy. You’re out at a restaurant or a bar together and, without fail, the waiter comes walking back and apologizes- they’re fresh out of whatever your friend just ordered. Just sold the last one actually. Just emptied the keg actually. Michelle just sold our last bottle a minute ago. Sorry about that. It seems like it’s always that guy. Everywhere you go, he gets the short stick. Sometimes you wonder to yourself if he offers up a decoy meal in the…

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The Bruery “Raspberry Sundae” Review

Beer Review: Rasberry Sundae from The Bruery  by Jess Reed We’d been talking it up for nearly two months. A casual back and forth waiting for somebody to eventually break down on their next trip to the grocery store and fork over the cash for this dicey 12-pack. That was, until my Dad showed up at the door gripping that blue box. ‘Across the World’ – Sierra Nevada’s newest installment in their 3rd annual collaboration project. This year Sierra decided to expand the idea, incorporating…

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