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Hi, This is an introduction to my beer blog. I am Nick Campellone and I LOVE BEER. I am going to be blogging about different beer topics and different beers that I have recently had and enjoyed. I am doing this blog because I love beer and want to become part of the beer industry. Here is a little information about myself. I am a bartender that works at a T.G.I. Friday's. I have recently been trying to get into trying new beers and have found that I love beer and have a real passion for it. I want to get people interested in beer, so I figured what better way then to start a blog about craft beer. This will be all my thoughts about beers that I have recently had and I will pick a different topic related to beer each week to blog about. I will be posting about beer every Sunday or when I recently tried a new craft beer. I hope that you will enjoy my craft beer thoughts and ideas about beer.

Candi Beer Review

Editors Note: I came across this Sommbeer contribution as I was bemoaning the sexist marketing efforts that so often irritate me in the craft beer universe – the irony.  Nick has provided an in depth review that is well worth reading however. Featured Contributor: Nick Campellone @craftbeerkcco Candi: Belgian Style Tripel by Old Dominion Brewing Company Trying a new brew tonight from a new brewery. The brew is from Old Dominion Brewing Company, which is part of Fordham and Dominion Brewing Company. Old Dominion Brewing started…

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Bucks County – Pipersville, PA – Brewery Review

 Featured Contributor: Nick Campellone @craftbeerkcco I find myself tonight at Bucks County Brewery, supporting local business by supporting a local brewery. I had the pleasure of meeting the owners and striking up a conversation about their brewery, which I enjoyed immensely. I love talking to other beer enthusiasts in general, but talking to an owner of a brewery and talking beer is where it really became fun. The owners are a real awesome couple that have a passion for beer, which is great and makes it all…

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Session Ale – Beer Review

 Featured Contributor: Nick Campellone @craftbeerkcco Session Ale Manayunk Brewing Company This ale is by Manayunk Brewing Company and it is Session Ale. Session is a Belgian Style  Blonde Ale and is a type of beer most breweries are trying and putting out in the market. Manayunk is a local brewery in Philadelphia. They are right on the outskirts of the city and are right next to the Schuylkill River. I try to have a local brewed beer every once in a while to see what is…

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Orabelle – Beer Review

 Featured Contributor: Nick Campellone Orabelle   Orabelle Great Divide Brewing Company Trying out a new brewery tonight, Great Divide from Denver, Colorado. The beer I am trying is Orabelle, which is a Belgian Style Ale. Orabelle is a seasonal beer from Great Divide. This ale is a Tripel Ale. Tripel’s are high in alcohol content and tend to usually get you drunk very quickly. I have had some Tripels on this blog before, they were as followed: Bolg and Merry Monks. Out of the two so…

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