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All American dad, I love great beer, great food, great people, and my freedoms in the great U.S.A.! Home brewer, recipe creator, BBQ Pitmaster, writer, and handyman! Let's make (or enjoy) something great together! Cheers!

Black Rajah Beer Review

The Brew Kettle out of Strongsville, Ohio is not a brewery to be taken lightly. One of only a few Ohio breweries, with a customer brew system on premise  and a large portfolio of beers, covering a wide range of all types of beer styles.  Making this company one of great interest. Their brew on premise system stays heavily scheduled and is known locally for producing many great beers, a few of which I have had the pleasure of drinking. So, if you want a…

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Gas Station Beer! Bad Brew Challenge

The Sommbeer Bad Brew Series continues with a review of “Gas Station” beer, from J.M. Hammond @JMIheartBeer Check out more bad beers from Sommbeer’s Bad Brew Series Sometimes you find the change in your pocket isn’t enough to get the beers you want, but is just enough to get beers to drink. Sometimes when the blog owner says you should drink some bad beers and write about it, you fall into that trap. Aaaaaiiiiiiieeeeeeee….. On a previous trip to the gas station I found myself…

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Hello Craft Beer

Featured Contributor J.M. Hammond @JMIheartBeer Hello craft beer enthusiasts, hipsters, beer fans, home brewers, and Sommbeer readers! I wanted to take a moment and provide a proper introduction of myself to all those who follow the great stories at Sommbeer and enjoy the site. I am JM Hammond and I was previously with for a year, and if you want to get a better idea about what makes me tick, you can check out my work there that I did for the last year, but…

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