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Elliot Ginsburg has been practicing law since 2010. Interested in broadening his practice to include his love of craft beer, spirits, wines, and ciders, he started learning about beer distribution laws and working with two breweries in Minneapolis, Minnesota on a variety of issues, including trademark matters, lease negotiations, and corporate matters. Happily discovering his passion for beer and the law could go together, he launched Hop Law. Elliot provides clients with guidance and assistance in starting and operating their breweries, distilleries, and wineries successfully, and wants to help bring great products to a growing market.

Cider: A Sticky Mess

I am an attorney and I represent brewers, distillers, wineries, and others in allied industries.  I got involved in this area of law because I love the industry and the people in it.  It’s incredibly fun to even be tangentially involved in the business. Here’s my office wall (and much more to join it soon): As part of the job, I give a lot of presentations and I recently presented to a room full of cider and wine producers about some of the complexities and inconsistencies…

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Why Do I Love Beer?

Why Do I Love Beer? From Guest Contributor Elliot G. @hoppylawyers Why do I love beer? The impossible question. If I had to answer, I’d say it is becausethere are an infinite number of possible answers. About a week ago I had Blakkr from Surly, 3 Floyds, and Real Ale. I always liked that beer but hadn’t had it for at least a few months, and that sip of the big, roasty, hoppy, black IPA was, in that moment, the perfect sip. But that “perfect sip”…

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