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Certified Public Accountant by day. Spreader of uselessness and general beer nerd by night. If I'm not drinking beer or writing about beer you can probably find me hanging out with my wife and kid, trying to cook something new, watching a cheesy action movie, or at the local theatre.

Lake Anne Brew House – Brewery Review

We love going to the farmer’s market. Waking up early on a Saturday morning to purchase fresh produce; pick up some grass-fed, organic, hand-cut meats; indulge in a danish between some free fruit samples, and drink some beer. Wait, did he just say drink some beer? That’s right people, when you make your way over to the Reston Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning make sure to stop in to the Lake Anne Brew House for wake-me-up beer. Located right on the banks of Lake Anne…

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Lazy Dog Cafe – Brewery Review

Everyone is trying to cash in on the meteoric rise of the craft beer industry. Outside of the highly publicized purchased of craft breweries by the macro-producers (maybe they are just highly publicized in the stuff I read) there is also the growth of the craft beer restaurant. On paper, the concept seems great. Beer and food go together like Southern Tier’s Pumking and pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving Day (I’m sure there is a better analogy but we are all beer snobs here so why…

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Hamilton Family Brewery – Brewery Review

Hamilton Family Brewery, located in Cucamonga, California Jetlag leads to Hamilton Family Brewery Traveling for work can be a drag. It’s even worse when you have to leave your house at 4:25am on the east coast to make a noon meeting on the west coast. You quickly learn that there can be more than 24 hours in a day. It’s exhausting. Nothing makes an agonizingly long day worthwhile like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that is the local craft…

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