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I'm currently in nursing school but I have a BA in English (which I'm finally getting to put to use). I've been a home brewer for a little over a year and genuinely I love all things craft beer. I'm a huge supporter of drinking locally and usually spend my weekends going to different breweries and beer events in Pittsburgh. My favorite styles right now are definitely stouts and porters, but that'll probably change in a few months. My main social media accounts for my beerventures are Untapped and Instagram. Check me out on Instagram so I can take you on a little beer tour of the Burgh: @evan.wagner11.

Advertising to Create a Community

A few weeks ago (February 5th) I attended a free beer tasting event at a small brewery in the North Side of Pittsburgh. The event was put on by the unopened Allegheny City Brewing and it was a part of the neighborhood’s local Mardi Gras celebration. They weren’t the only local brewery with this strategy, War Streets Brewing (another North Side brewery) did the same thing the night before. I was unable to attend the War Streets event, but I heard the turnout was phenomenal,…

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David vs Goliath… The Beer Edition

I (like so, so many people) get insanely excited for a beer release like Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Stout. The down side to that is living in a location where it’s hard to even go to a bar where you can get a taste of it after it’s released. This past December I waited patiently for 4 hours just to hopefully get a chance of buying a single bottle of it. I managed to be one of the lucky ones to walk away with…

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Tips to Surviving Your Local Craft Brewery’s Bottle Release

Tips to Surviving Your Local Craft Brewery’s Bottle Release This is my final bottle of the Plague. My plan with it is to get a variation of it each year they release it to hopefully get a nice vertical tasting set up. You’re casually scrolling through your Facebook/Twitter/Instagram and you see your favorite local brewery post about a super limited-edition collaboration beer they did with another one of your favorite craft breweries/restaurants/home brew clubs. They are only making about 500 bottles. It’s not even your…

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