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Dogfish 120 – The beer that ruined my IPA stash – Beer Review

This beer is really hard to find.  By hard I mean, I’ve developed a network of beer buddies who alert me when they find a bottle.  I have befriended a beer store owner who promised he would hide a bottle under the counter.  One guy I know got a Saturday morning call at 7am from his beer store owner.  He dashed out in his jammies and bought 2 bottles @ $8/bottle.  This is a highly coveted beer, in short supply for a limited amount of…

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Buddy Beer !

Buddy Beer: Cheap beer that you hand out to your buddies (or in-laws). The guys show up in your garage and stay awhile.  It’s your obligation to start handing out beers.  Do you give them $5 Belgian Lambics?  How about a cherished KBS, a stout so smooth it will make a grown man wait in line to get one (grown men don’t wait in lines).  The answer is no.  You give them something as cheap and available as water, you give them Buddy Beers.  Please…

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Yuengling Porter – It’s not good Just good fun – Review

First, I have to admit I like Yuengling.  It’s my favorite cheapo beer. It’s not really very good and it contains lot’s of corn and maybe rice but it’s a fun beer.  For el cheapo beer it actually has some flavor. The fact that it’s not available in Michigan adds to the allure. I found a 6 pack of Yuengling porter in an old gas station in Ohio. Not exactly the perfect ambience but when I see Yuengling I buy it.   Rating: Fun but not…

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English Pub Beer – An American’s Opinion

Location: Darlington, England So why did I drink 4 pints?  For one, I didn’t drive but mainly because the beer was fantastic.  It took a couple of pints to calibrate my American beer tastes.  On the 3rd pint I recognized what these guys were trying to do.  Only then could I appreciate their brilliance.  The flavors are subtle.  They rely heavily on things like local water characteristics and special yeasts.  If the beer was colder and carbonated I would not have been able to detect…

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Beer Review – Expedition Stout from Bell’s Brewery – Hide this beer from yourself

This is a heavy thick beer that is expensive and needs to be aged.  I learned about the aging the hard way when I cracked open my first 6 pack last year.  I was overwhelmed with the taste of molasses and a harsh finish. After 1 year of aging this beer is amazing.  The trick is to buy this beer and hide it from yourself.  Seriously, buy it, hide it and forget it. Rating: Outstanding, will buy every year Alcohol by Volume ABV :  10.5% …

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