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Exploring San Diego's amazing craft beer scene and telling you all about it. Originally from Montreal, I can't imagine living through a snowy winter now. I love sailing and photography almost as much as beer. Oh, ya, and I'm a philosophy professor for a living.
Seven taster glasses of beer.

Down with Craft Lager

I didn’t realize the passion some folks have about lager until I sent a hyperbolic tweet the other day, in which I said I don’t like the craft lager trend. Since the tweet aroused so much emotion, I thought I would give a little more detail here about my thinking on this topic. 140 characters isn’t usually enough for a nuanced discussion! Over the last year or so it struck me that many more craft breweries are making lager (and Pils, Helles, and other similar beers)…

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Bar patrons

5 Things I Learned Reviewing 45 Craft Breweries & 225 Beers in 2 Months

It has been two months since I launched my beer blog ( and it just passed 1,100 page views. I’m excited that people are finding and reading what I’m writing. It has been a great deal of work, and on a few occasions when I have felt the pressure to get the next post out, it has made drinking beer feel like a chore instead of a joy. But overall beer blogging has been a great experience. If beer blogging is something you feel like you…

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Groundswell Brewing Company, Grantville, San Diego – Brewery Review

Groundswell Brewing Company, Grantville, San Diego There’s something really attractive about this tasting room that is hard to put my finger on. Perhaps it is the dimensions and colors and horizontal salvaged-wood wall accent, but it is making me think of Scandinavian architecture and design. There are about 24 seats plus two cushioned L-shaped bench in corners. The bartender, Stefanie, was immediately welcoming and friendly, and clearly has good relations with her regulars (of which there are many: always a good sign). There’s no official flight price,…

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Holiday Beer Review: STONE XOCOVEZA

Holiday Beer Review: STONE XOCOVEZA (Mocha Stout with Holiday Spices, 8.1% ABV) An interesting Mexican-hot-chocolate-inspired beer from Stone Brewing you should try. Stone Brewing is well known to the craft beer world. They are the ninth largest craft brewery in the country, and in 2008 they were voted the “Top All Time Brewery on Planet Earth” by readers of Beer Advocate. Stone’s (extremely) hoppy IPAs are their most famous offerings, and they own the Arrogant Bastard brand. They also make some good stouts, including barrel…

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