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Why I don’t drink seasonally

When we think of summer beers, we tend to think light. Summer beer drinking tends to be all about crisp, refreshing styles, from the easy-to-drink and ubiquitous IPA to the ever-popular pilsner to the delightfully funky sour. What we don’t think of when we think summer beer is a creamy, heavy porter. Or do we? Like any good beer geek, I like to make sure I’m always drinking the right beer for the moment. So it should surprise precisely no one that before I settled…

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Chill, guys. It’s just beer.

Featured Contributor Bill Mayeroff¬†@bill_mayeroff Well, folks, we did it. We survived Thanksgiving weekend. You survived the gluttony, the racist relatives you only see once a year, the airports and the travel. And if you’re a beer fan, especially in Chicago, you may also have survived the long lines at liquor stores to get hold of a beer that to many beer fans is the official taste of Black Friday. I’m talking, of course, of Goose Island‘s Bourbon County Brand Stout and its variants – Proprietors’,…

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The pumpkin beer debate

Featured Contributor Bill Mayeroff¬†@bill_mayeroff Pumpkin beer is kind of like Christmas. Some people love it. Some people loathe it. Some people spend all summer waiting for it to appear on store shelves, while others can’t wait for it to be replaced by the stouts and porters of winter. And like Christmas, each year, pumpkin beer seems to arrive earlier and earlier. There are few things that generate heated debate among craft beer enthusiasts like pumpkin beer. Hate it or love it, most have strong feelings…

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