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Busting Beer Myths

The beer-drinking world seems to have gone mad for craft beers. India Pale this, Brett-soured that, Imperial whatever. I made that sound like a bad thing – but no, I love that craft beers are so popular. It’s great for a few reasons; firstly, those of us who enjoy craft beer are enjoying a product into which a lot of thought, innovation and artisanal consideration has been put. We are also not supporting ‘large, evil corporations’. However, with the growth of the craft beer scene,…

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Innovation in the Brewing Industry

My experience with the most creative and unusual beers out there Innovation is often defined as the introduction of something new, and goes hand-in-hand with creativity. In the brewing industry, innovation and creativity often refer to new blends of grains in the brewing process, or specially bred yeast cultures and/or hop plants. In some cases, innovation can be the use of fruits, vegetables or other flavoring compounds to enhance or provide a different style than one would typically expect. Sometimes, however, innovation is really out…

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Beer and I

One man’s journey towards discovering craft beer About a year ago, Kate and I both began the move from Galway, Ireland to Massachusetts; from my birth-country to hers. This was a big move for us both – we quit our jobs, we left our apartment, we had most of our stuff shipped in a container and the rest (that which we didn’t leave with my family, anyway) we sold or donated. We fully upheaved our lives. So, since we were in a transitional period in our…

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