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I am a lover of craft beer not just for the beer itself, but of the community that comes with it and am fascinated by the constant evolution of the industry. I am fortunate enough to live in Western Massachusetts which has an exploding beer scene and a booming craft beer community. Additionally, I am an avid homebrewer and love to experiment with not just tasting new brews but trying to make them all while writing about my exploits.

Grow Local Drink Local

It’s common to hear people talking about drinking “local beer,” but does anyone ever drink truly local beer?   While one frequently sees “Local Farms, Local Food” stickers, “local beer” stickers have yet to make an appearance.  Most malt still comes from a handful of major mid-west malt houses while it is rare to find locally grown hops. Thankfully, this is rapidly changing. So what is the definition of a local beer or drinking local?   Is it having a pint that is made locally…

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Holiday Beer – Berkshire Brewing Company Cabin Fever Ale

Snow has begun falling throughout the Northeast, and along with the flaky precipitation the temperatures have started to drop too.   Just in time for the holiday season, the lighter summer ales have been swapped out in favor of malty robust  porters and stouts.  While it is still far too early in the season to start getting “stir crazy”, it is certainly not to early to look for some of the best seasonal beers.  While generally the word “seasonal” attached to beer makes me cringe,…

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Stone Cow Brewery – Review

Stone Cow Brewery Review Barre, Massachusetts Massachusetts has quickly become a beer lovers paradise with more than 125 breweries currently open and more on the way.  Western Massachusetts specifically has become home to some of the top breweries in the state despite, according to many Bostonians, being in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do.  The relatively rural and quiet region of Western Mass has no shortage of wonderful craft breweries and was recently named a Top 11 Beer Destination by Thrillist Magazine.  You won’t find…

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Vermont Brewery Tour

Vermont is truly a wonderful state.  Endless green mountains, pristine country views,  rolling rivers, and of course beer.  As if this state does not already have enough positives, it is additionally home to some of the, if not the best, craft beer in the country.  With breweries such as The Alchemist, Lawson’s Finest Liquids, and Hill Farmstead, this state attracts beer lovers from all over the country and sends beer geeks scurrying to snatch up beers such as Heady Topper and Sip of Sunshine. While I am lucky…

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Brooklyn Brewery Quintaceratops – Beer Review

The ever expanding craft beer industry is great not just for the beer itself, but that as the industry grows, brewers become more creative, trying new styles, methods of brewing and reviving old styles as well. This leads to some new amazing brews, some duds that leave you disappointed, and some that leave you scratching your head or perhaps jumping up and down with joy pausing just long enough to check in the beer on Untappd. Today I cracked open Quintaceratops from Brooklyn Brewery which…

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