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UnPopOp Series #3: Don’t Rate, Appreciate

Yes, this series still exists. If anyone’s ever read these posts, you’ll know this is the third in a series of blog posts arguing some fairly unpopular opinions within the craft beer world. And if you haven’t read any of these posts yet…  this is the third in a series of blog posts arguing some fairly unpopular opinions within the craft beer world. The first two posts in this series discuss my take on the recent “buyouts” and “sellouts” in the craft beer industry as…

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California Craft Beer Summit 2015 – Wrap Up

Featured Contributor Conrad  @inbituinthebrew Here I am starting to write this minutes away from the Brewers Showcase in Sacramento, California – the grand finale of the awesomeness that is the California Craft Beer Summit. By the time I finish this, I will likely be plenty inebriated and cooked well-done thanks to this lovely Sacramento heat. The overall experience was amazing to say the least.   The first year of California’s Beer Summit included a host of talks and classes by some of the most recognized names…

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UnPopOp Series #2: Thank You, But No Thank You

Featured Contributor: Conrad B. @inbituinthebrew Not too long ago, I saw a “web coupon deal” for a tour with tastings for two at a local brewery for a fairly reasonable price. I told my wife and friends about the deal in an attempt to get a small group to go with – new beer with friends is always a better experience. Local brewery tour and tastings? Check. Reasonable price? Got it. Friends to drink with? Done. It was only natural that I purchase this coupon. So my…

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New Series – UnPopOp Series #1: Money Hungry Craft Breweries

Featured Contributor: Conrad B. @inbituinthebrew Let me start off by saying this is The Internets – everyone has an opinion. And I am no different. The beautiful thing about these United States is that everyone is entitled to their opinion. That’s the freedom that we all enjoy as Americans. With different experiences and perspectives comes different opinions on various topics. Sometimes groups as a whole can have an opinion about certain topics that many people can relate to. For example, one popular opinion may be that beer…

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The Case of the Missing Growler Station

Guest Contributor: Conrad B. @inbituinthebrew So, I’ve been missing from the Interwebs… again. Mainly because I wrapped up a 5,500 mile round trip drive from California to Georgia a couple weeks ago. That was a great time, which happened to suck the life out of my truck. Sorry, truck. I have also been missing because not 8 hours after said trip did I separate my radius and ulna from my humorous humerus. Either way, it was not funny. And for those who have been patella deep in Brewers…

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