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Innovation and Beer, Don’t Die Without Trying Both of Them!

Are you going to make a mark on the world or not?  Maybe it’s fashion for you, or engineering, or your family, but are you going to do it? Because there is one thing for sure, if you don’t, you will regret it. This is the Hendrix Keg, one of me and my brothers ideas, a project we could undertake to change the world in our small way. I want to tell you how challenging it has been, give my thumbs up to those who…

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Hendrix Keg – This Isn’t Your College Keg

My brother and I have built stuff together all our lives.  What else are two youngsters supposed to do after they are busted for watching T.V. and sent to their room; which they share?  Well, I’ll tell you, you dump out the giant tub of Legos and start snapping together a spacecraft with rocket boosters, aerodynamic wings, and a landing station on the top bunk; I mean the moon.  Yea, this became our nature.  Out in the sand box we would wet down the sand…

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