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I have a passion for beer, bikes and travel and write about these things on my blog, Brew City Biker. My mission is to explore the world of craft beer by bike and involve newbies in these activities. I am a homebrewer and BJCP Certified Beer Judge. Get in touch by sending an email to

Spring Beer Review

As the flowers pop up in our garden beds, new craft beers appear on the shelves for the warmer part of the year. I got together with my friends, Jen and Jeff, Milwaukee couple and homebrew aficionados, to taste a selection of spring/summer beers. We’ve rated our selections and averaged out our ratings for a final score.                 Citrus Happy Milwaukee Brewing Company Rating: 4/5 Citrus Happy tied for favorite beer tried because of its distinct grapefruit aroma reminiscent…

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Do Those Fancy IPA Glasses Really Make a Difference?

Featured Contributor: Beth Pickard @brewcitybiker1  Created through a collaboration between Spiegalau glassware, Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head and Ken Grossman of Sierra Nevada, Spiegalau’s IPA-specific glasses claim to showcase the unique aromas and flavors of American hops. The glass that may come to mind when you think of a beer vessel was actually designed to mix cocktails. It was used to serve beer in bars because it was easily stacked, cheap and durable. However, when craft beer and hop-heavy beers came onto the scene, there was a need for…

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Top 10 Beers of the Year

Featured Contributor: Beth Pickard @brewcitybiker1  It’s been a good year of beer. This list compiles the most memorable, and highest Untappd rated brews, I tried in 2015. Some of these beers make the list because they are simply fantastic and others because they come with stories and memories. Many of the beers that made this list I had the opportunity to try because of friends sharing them with me. Beer is better shared with friends. That’s why on my birthday, I opened the granddaddy of them…

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Brews Up Homebrewing Conference

There was lots of drinking, laughing and general silliness and a bunch of support for a community I love. This year’s National Homebrewing Conference was held in San Diego. It was my first American Homebrewers Association event and it was a fascinating experience. Truth be told, the conference was much different than I had expected. Why? I didn’t think Wil Wheaton would be there. Then again, that guy likes to homebrew. He seemed surprised (as I was) over the level of fun and sincerity the homebrew…

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Why Beer and Biking Work Together

Featured Contributor – Beth @brewcitybiker1 from Milwaukee, WI Beer is a local thing. Think about your local breweries and brewpubs. They are spaces to gather with friends and neighbors, hang out and talk about our lives. Many of us beer aficionados make pilgrimages to our favorite breweries outside of our city to taste the brews from the source. Biking is also a local thing. It gets you around within your community. You can bike to your favorite brewery or craft beer bar and you will see more of…

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Beer Culture in the Eurozone

Featured Contributor – Beth @brewcitybiker1 from Milwaukee, WI During a month-long solo backpacking tour across Europe, I discovered some of the best beers in the world. My route led me from Copenhagen south to the global city of Berlin and later to historic Munich. From there, I ventured into France, not known for its beer, but gleaning quite a bit from neighboring Belgium. I pushed south once more into the Mediterranean region and visited southern France and Barcelona before trekking to my final destination of Madrid. Each region…

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