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How To Introduce Your Friends to Craft Beer

How To Introduce Your Friends to Craft Beer 22oz bottles. Cases. Cans. Kegs. Growlers. Beer comes in lots of packages.  But it’s the 6-pack that’s ubiquitous. It’s also a great way to organize beers. A 6-pack of my favorites. A 6-pack of beers to try when you visit Philly.  A 6-pack of beers that I was excited to buy before they were bought by ABInbev.  But my favorite is a 6-pack of beers to introduce a new drinker to craft? The craft beer world is…

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Craft Beer is America.  America is Craft Beer.

Happy National Craft Beer Week!  Oh great, just what we need…another crazy holiday on the calendar.  Thanks, Brewers Association! We’ve got National Body Piercing Week and Fish are Friends, Not Food! Week in June. November has Rodents Awareness Week.  And, there’s Meat Week in January.  (Ok, we kinda like Meat Week.  But that’s beside the point.).  National Craft Beer Week is different.  Why?  Because what Craft Beer stands for is what America stands for.  This industry should be celebrated.  It’s everything we love about our…

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Craft Beer: Who Cares What It Is?

Featured Contributor: Andrew Gavrin @abvbeer Craft Beer: Who Cares What It Is? To be or not to be considered a Craft brewer?  That is the question.  And it’s a question that’s been asked a lot recently.  It’s gotten a lot more attention recently not only because of Craft’s tremendous growth, but also a couple of events that have taken place in the market.  The Brewers Assocation (more on them below) altered their definition of Craft.  And, our (ahem) friends* at ABInbev have gone on a little…

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