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Homebrewing Gadgets: Grain Mill

Introduction Hello everyone. I hope you enjoyed the last rendition of Homebrewing Gadgets (Rubbermaid 1 Gallon Bouncer). For the next article, I wanted to touch upon something that we (me and my co-brewer, a.k.a. “The Wife”; aka “The Brains”; aka “The Boss”) didn’t have to begin with and had to purchase. If you brew beer, I am sure you ran into brewery purchase overload like I did in the beginning. There are just so many gadgets related to brewing out there on the market. From…

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Is Homebrewing Still Relevant with the Expansion of Craft Beer?

Contributor Perzell Brewing (@perzellbrewing ) First off, if you know me, follow me on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, you know that I am an avid homebrewer.  I love crafting a good beer, tasting it for the first time, and watching others enjoy something I made from scratch.  That is why this is going to be a very difficult topic to discuss as I am obviously biased. Craft Beer on the Rise I don’t think it is any big secret.  Craft beer has been on the rise…

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To Buy or Brew, That is the Question

Guest Contributor Lori & Andy @PerzellBrewing Should you buy craft beer or brew beer yourself?  That is a very excellent question and one that I am sure many craft beer lovers/homebrewers have asked themselves over the years.  I know that I have many times. Let me paint a picture:  You are talking to a friend and they find out that you brew your own beer.  After you have told them about all the knowledge you have gained, all the money you spent, and all the time you…

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