6 Beers a Tasting

6 Beers a Tasting

I like beer, and to be honest with you I’ve gotten my girlfriend to like some beers too. So, what we often do is go to the local beer distributor (or grocery store – thanks PA) where they sell single bottles of beer and we will have our own mystery tastings from our unique six pack.  Since I do not like to mix beers all night long this tasting lasted over a span of a week.

Beer #1:  The first beer for our review tonight is from the Flying Dog Brewery and it is called Brewhouse Rarities Salt and Pepper Tripel.

Let’s see how this goes:
I like a good Tripel beer and this didn’t disappoint. It is brewed with a pink Himalayan sea salt and black peppercorns.  Plus!, it was a hearty 8.2% ABV.  Flying Dog does a limited release of some of their beers, and they have a “Heat Series”, which I highly recommend, even if it should be approached with caution. Honestly, I chose this beer simply because of the black peppercorns. This gets you at the back of the tongue and definitely punches your taste buds. I was disappointed that the salt was lacking but who cares?!  I like this beer and Flying Dog did well with this selection.

Beer #2:  I go “mainstream” with my next choice: Sam Adams Cold Snap.

Not branching out too much but certainly something new for me. To be fair: I just ate a chocolate caramel brownie, so my taste buds are slightly askew, plus I’m watching Iron Fist on Netflix, so here we go:

A white ale brewed with spices (Seriously, it says it on the label!!)  The taste? Easy. I mean it is easy on the taste buds, nothing overpowering and just a hint of spice. If you want an easy drinking beer, go ahead and pick this up and chill!  The 5.3% ABV will not overpower your senses.  This is a seasonal beer from December to May, so hit your local beer store soon.

Beer #3 of the six pack: Victory’s Cream Ale with Cold Brew Coffee.

First things first: You do smell fresh brewed coffee and the first taste IS very creamy. I have no clue about the color since it is 8 PM at night, I’m watching basketball and drinking from the bottle!  You have to like coffee I think to drink this at 8 PM!  My girlfriend says this tastes like a watered down beer but I have the exquisite palate and she doesn’t.  I think this is a malty coffee with a beer kicker!  The 6.5% ABV is not going to overpower your senses too much with one or two, but it will go a long way towards doing just that with 3 or more!

Beer #4: Dogfish Head Beer to Drink Music to ’17

Long name right? And, normally I’m a fan of Dogfish Head. So, I was looking forward to this new offering. Would it be a new summer beer to drink at the beach? One to drink at the pool? So many options and I was excited to try.

This is a blonde ale, which I do not mind at all. Blonde ales to me are generally smooth and easy drinking beers. This is a 6.8% ABV Blonde ale, and it’s a nice red-golden brown color with a hint of pale pink on the edge in the glass.  Brewed with kiwi juices and I do like me some kiwi! The third featured flavor here was hibiscus – and I’ve had beer with hints of hibiscus before, and was not a fan, but Dogfish Head?  Let’s go. . .

This was a disappointing miss.  I wanted to love this beer just because of the name, and how cool it would sound to order this at the beach.  “Hey, Bartender, give me that Beer to Drink Music to!”  But, I will pass. . .

Beer #5: Samuel Adams Fresh as Helles Lager

I must have been on a flower kick since this is a beer brewed with orange blossoms. I hope that’s a flower!

Nice deep yellow color in the glass and very easy tasting – you’re not going to chug it, you’re going to want to sip and enjoy!

I am a sucker for skulls, and the orange round eyes of the skull looked awesome, the beer tasted awesome and I can definitely see this 5.4% ABV beer in my fridge as a regular beer.  Alas, get it while it is Helles hot – this seasonal beer lasts from February to May.

Final Beer #6: Victory Sour Monkey

This is the Gold Monkey victory is famous for with a sour twist. I chose this one for my girlfriend to taste test – she likes the sour ones. And POW! BOOM 💥!!  This is Sour from the jump. She says it’s like a super-sized sour patch kid drunk on beer! I could not do more than one swig as I am NOT a fan of super-sized sour. Try saying that three times fast! It’s a shame for me since I do enjoy Golden Monkey. And, if you can get past the punch in the mouth sour you’re definitely going to feel the Golden Monkey at the end!  All 9.5% ABV!!!

Note from David
It’s fun to taste and review beers. If you come across an interesting beer and would like to tell us about it send us a note.

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