Beer for Dad: Father’s Day Gift Guide

A box of fishing tackle? Maybe. A new hat? Perhaps. A fridge full of sought-after beers from across the country, delivered right to his door? Now we’re talking!

With the app-based bottle shop Tavour, Father’s Day gift giving just got a little easier — and a whole lot more fun! 

Just imagine, you and Dad are kicking back in the June sun, talking about how the brew you’re both sipping won multiple awards, or, comes from a brewery you’ve always dreamed of trying but never had the chance to.

That’s what Tavour does for its members. Through their app and website, craft drinkers across the country have the rare opportunity to discover top-notch beers from highly-acclaimed breweries — like Alaska’s famous Anchorage Brewing and Louisiana’s coveted Parish Brewing — at the touch of a button! 

The beauty of Tavour is it gives dad the chance to enjoy the beer found at popular release days. No need to travel out of state and wait in lines to snag the very same cans and bottles that’ll fill your Tavour Father’s Day gift, all you need to do is 1) ask Dad what type of beer he likes, and 2) hop online for a few minutes. Tavour’s beer experts have the rest covered. 

However, if Supporting local is your thing the Sommbeer team has you covered as well.   We want to make sure regardless of dad’s drink preferences that there is a beer ready for him to crack, sip and enjoy! 

What kind of beer does dad like? The main thing you have to remember when getting dad beer is you have to make sure to focus on what he likes.  Fathers day is about him after all.  Here in Michigan you can find basically any style of beer you want so here are some of our recommendations available in taprooms now. 


IPA is by far the most popular style of beer when it comes to craft.  For many of us it’s the gateway into craft beer.  There are a million different choices for a solid IPA in Michigan but our choice would be Brew Detroit’s Space Shark.  Space Shark is a 6.5% American IPA dry-hopped with Galaxy, Citra, and El Dorado hops.  This shark has nicely balanced out citrus notes as well as a fresh and floral hop balance. It’s a great summer beer and a must try for any dad that happens to be a hop head. 

New England IPA: 

Maybe dad likes the bite of an IPA but wants things just a little bit sweeter.  In this case the move would have to be a New England IPA.  Juicy Side Bet from Loaded Dice Brewery is the perfect beer to quench that hazy hankering.  Juicy Side Bet is loaded with Bergemot, Citra and Galaxy hops to hit the hop head requirement but still super citrusy and refreshing. The beer has been described as bringing you back to the days of sipping on Sunny D as a kid, but with alcohol.  Juicy Side Bet is a beer best enjoyed fresh and should be dropping at Loaded Dice days before fathers day. So make sure to follow them on all the socials and get the inside scoop on when to pick this brew up. 


Does dad like malty and roasty stuff? Is he a coffee fanatic who wants to dabble in the world of beer? If so then a stout or a porter would be a good direction to take him in.  Stouts can definitely be overpowering, especially if dad is a newcomer to craft beer.  What would be the best option though is a well balanced flavorful porter. Our pick, Proud Lake Porter from Drafting Table Brewing Company in Wixom, Mi. Proud Lake Porter is a shining example of its style of beer.  It’s malty and just a bit chocolatey with notes of coffee, oak and earthiness. This beer is as hearty and satisfying as a fresh cup of coffee and totally deserving of being poured for dad on his special day. 


Pilsners and Lagers are such a great place to start people who are new to the craft beer scene. So many of the big brands in beer focus on this style so it feels like a natural onboarding point.  One of our favorite Pilsners in the Michigan craft beer market is Liberation Center Pilsner from North Center Brewing.  Liberation Center is a pilsner that executes all the calling cards of a good pilsner perfectly.  The beer is light, crisp and easy to drink.  It pairs well with just about any type of meal that you can imagine. To top all that off Liberation Center is loaded with a nuanced malty flavor and hop presence.  Pilsners are amazing because they’re so clean, approachable and enjoyable and Liberation Center is among the best pilsners around. 


Maybe dad likes to get weird and funky with his Father’s Day beer adventure. If so, sours are definitely the way to go.  Sour beer is, in some ways, a tricky one to recommend, mostly because so many sour beers fly off shelves quickly.  One beer that is an excellent choice though is Poppin’ Pastels from Transient Artisan Ales.  There’s always a variety of Poppin’ Pastels on shelves too, so no matter what kind of fruit flavors dad leans towards there’s bound to be a fitting option. Each variety is tart, juicy, and refreshing; exactly what you want in a good sour beer. 

Non Alocoholic:

Not all dads partake in traditional beers.  That doesn’t mean dad shouldn’t enjoy some father son bonding over a brew or two.  Thankfully dad no longer needs to be relegated to Oduls.  The N/A market has exploded in the last year and one of our favorites is Wellbeing Brewing.  Wellbeing is not local to Michigan but thanks to our friends at M4CIC their beers have made their way to local shelves.  Our favorite N/A brew is Hellraiser Dark Amber.  Hellraiser is a perfect balance of malt and hops that stands up to any other Amber that’s readily available.  

So make sure to get out there and support local, and pair that local offering with some awesome beer from Tavour as well! Check out these brew-tiful gift options:

Tavour Gift Boxes (

Is your dad a Stout lover? Hopheaded IPA guzzler? Sour sipper? All of the above?

No matter his brew preferences, Tavour has a gift box for him. One box might hold a New England IPA from the famed Other Half Brewing and a fruit-soaked Smoothie Sour from Drekker Brewing in North Dakota! 

Tavour has 8 unique boxes of various styles and sizes, and each one is hand curated by the Tavour team. They select a sampling of the best craft beer has to offer, and deliver it to your father’s doorstep! 

It’s high-quality, it’s easy, and it’s just the way to say ‘thank you’ to Dad. 

Tavour Gift Cards (

Let’s face it. Sometimes, life moves so quickly, important holidays come knocking a LOT sooner than we realize. 

Luckily, Tavour’s got even the most last-minute gift givers covered with their E-Gift cards. Purchase one of these convenient cards, and it’ll pop into your dad’s email instantly. Options range from $25 to $400!

Next steps? Once he’s received the email, all he’ll have to do is download the Tavour app, and start scrolling! There, he’ll have the opportunity to build his own custom box, filled with the brews he loves — whether that’s an ultra-limited Wild Ale from Jester King Brewing, a barrel-aged Barleywine from Fremont Brewing, or a classic Helles Lager from pFriem Family Brewers!

It’s time your dad finally has the craft-filled fridge he’s always deserved. So this year, while everyone else is rushing to figure out their Fathers Day gifts, just download the Tavour app or pop onto their website. 

Cheers to you, Dads! 

John Fahrner

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  1. I love how everything is seriously so convenient. Sure, the delivery fees can be a pain, but the way everything can just arrive right at your doorstep feels like gift in itself. Will definitely look around their site first, but already love their concept.

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