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I do not drink beer every day. I know, it is a crazy statement, but it is 100% true. Most days when I don’t indulge in the drink I sip on coffee or plain old water throughout the day. There’s nothing wrong with that, but there are plenty of days I find myself wanting something with flavor that isn’t a beer. Over the last couple years there has been an influx of options to meet this need. N/A beers are a solid option, and there are brewers doing amazing things in the world of N/A beer. There’s also no shortage of seltzers and coffee beverages that have made their way to the shelves. While I have nothing against these products none of them are really what I look for.

Some time back I remember Lagunitas launched their hoppy refresher, basically a non-alcoholic hoppy seltzer water. That was fine but it really didn’t scratch my itch for a non alcoholic beverage that was enjoyable. Recently the good people at Aurora Elixirs reached out and asked if I would be interested if giving their sparkling hop beverages a try. I was actually pretty excited to check this product out, the world of N/A beverages is growing quickly and I’m always a fan of innovation. So a few days later 2 different Sparkling Hop Beverages showed up.

For whatever reason I felt like hurricane glass was the correct choice for these beverages. I’m not totally sure if that was the right dirking vessel for these but they seemed to get the job done. Both these sparkling hop beverages came in 11.2oz bottles and poured with a similar color. Almost like a hazy off white color, neither of which really changes as you enjoy the drink. After seeing these in a glass I can see why these were presented to me as more of a mocktail than a seltzer type beverage. This plays well for the beverage as both have a body and consistency that is more similar to a soda than a seltzer.

The first of the two beverages I tried was the Yuzu Orange Blossom. The nose on this is amazing. Super fresh citrus notes with a hint of a floral presence greet you and do a good job of hanging around throughout the drink. There is carbonation here but it is on the lighter side. The head that I had on this dissipated before I could even get a picture of it. Obviously this is absolutely fine, this isn’t a beer. The flavors here are both present and subtle at the same time. You get a pleasant orange flavor that is backed up by just a bit of honey and sweetness. It’s not only extremely enjoyable but also very easy to drink.

Next up was Pomelo Sage. When I think of sage it normally makes me think of Thanksgiving and all the good smell going on in the kitchen. Thankfully that is not what you get from this bottle. On the nose this one almost reminds me of a Session IPA. Pomelo Sage definitely has more of the hop presence present and it’s immediately noticeable on the nose. It’s not over powering, rather it is well balanced out with citrus and pine notes. The carbonation is similar to the Orange Blossom bottle but again, not a negative.

Both of these bottles are great alternatives for alcohol. I could think of quite a few different things they would pair well with in regards to foods even though I didn’t try pairing anything with them. These beverages really do stand up well on their own. It’s still pretty cool from winter here but I would imagine these being an absolute godsend in the summer months. Check out Aurora Elixirs, their products are fresh and a refreshing while still being extremely satisfying.

John Fahrner

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  1. So glad you enjoyed these drinks and thanks for your thorough review. Given your insights and our own preferences I’d like to see a bump in the Mosaic hops on our next round of Yuzu Orange Blossom. Keep an eye out for that! Thanks again! Victoria

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