Drafting Table Brewing Co. : Rezolute Beer Review

There are many elements that go into making a successful brewery. Building a brand, creating a good atmosphere in your taproom, employing a staff that connects to the community and countless other variables that go into building a reputable company.  One of those things that can not be ignored is having a solid flagship beer that, for lack of better wording, keeps the lights on. More often than not that flagship beer is probably going to be an IPA. For a lot of us, myself included, IPA was the style of beer that turned us onto craft.  And for so many people IPA continues to be the go-to beer style when visiting a brewery. Over the years I have moved away from IPA as a beer that I want to drink a lot of. I still like it, it’s just no longer a must order for me. However there are exceptions, and one of those exceptions is Rezolute from Drafting Table Brewing Company in Wixom, Michigan.

Named after the company founder and head brewer, Rez, Rezolute is a 7.7% abv 75 IBU India Pale Ale that is basically available year round on draft and often in 16oz cans at Drafting Table’s taproom. Rezolute is brewed with Pacific Northwest hops and is designed to appeal to hop heads everywhere. The can features a large hop cone, the Drafting Table Brewing Co. logo and a vibrant green hop colored label that pops nicely and draws your eye right to it.

Once you get Rezolute into a glass you’ll see a beer that pours with a nice dark golden color and yields about a solid finger or so of white head.  On the nose you will be greeted with a dense citrus aroma which is highlighted with orange peel and grapefruit while being backed with noticeable hops and a bit of earthiness. It’s really everything you should expect out of an IPA in the best way possible. The flavor on Rez is a spectacular symphony loaded with hops, pine and citrus. True to style the beer is resinous and dank while being everything you can want out of a flagship IPA.  

I know so many people that consider Rezolute their “go-to” beer, including my wife.  She loves this beer so much that it was a major component of our wedding. Part of why we picked the venue we did was so she could have that beer.  I keep Rezolute in my fridge pretty much at all times and anytime that I have shared a can with a hop headed friend they have always been impressed with this beer. So if you find yourself in Wixom, Mi. make sure to swing by and grab yourself a 4 pack of Rezolute, you will not regret it!

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John Fahrner

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