Simon Saaz : Beer Review

Spring is here! The change of seasons in northern states is always a good thing. People start to transition from heavy coats and boots and start living day to day a bit more comfortably.  Around this time of year a lot of people’s beer tastes change too and starts to move towards something a little lighter. Those who like to be out and about need a good beer to accommodate the change in season. This is the time of year where the store shelves start to fill up with fruity pale ales and haze bomb IPA’s. However for me, when I want a refreshing beer I go right to a pilsner, also known as a crispy boi if you prefer.  Pilsners are a style of beer that can definitely be hit and miss. It seems like the style either produces home runs or flops. That being said when I find a good pilsner I really think they are hard to beat.

A while back we talked about Professional Pilsner from Drafting Table, which is their German style offering to the pilsner world.  Profession Pilsner does have a sibling though, and he happens to be Czech. Simon Saaz is a 4.6% ABV Czech Pilsner from Drafting Table Brewing Company in Wixom Michigan.  Simon Saaz is low on bitterness, coming in at a 30 IBU rating, and features Saaz hops and Bohemian pilsner Malt. This beer has made appearances throughout the year in the taproom but normally is available in spring.  The last two years Simon Saaz has also been available in 16oz cans and growler fills. 

Once Simon Saaz is poured in a glass you’ll immediately see a beautiful vibrant light gold colored beer.  The head on the beer comes out to about a fingers worth of white lacy bubbles that dissipates quickly. On the nose I get some malts and breadyness with just a hint of lemon aroma. This is a very crisp and fresh smelling beer which is continued in the mouthfeel.  Simon Saaz has a lighter body that washes back easy and is extremely refreshing. The beer finishes just slightly sticky in a way that makes you want to go back for another. With an ABV under 5% Simon Saaz is a perfect beer for spring and summer. It goes well with any outdoor activity, I tend to stock up on this beer before summer just to have a few cans for pool days or bbq’s. Speaking of food Simon Saaz pairs well with most food as well.  It has a strong enough flavor to compliment pretty much anything from pizza to burgers, and whatever is in between, while still being refined enough to not over power a meal. 

Another reason I find myself buying a lot of this beer when it’s available is because of how approachable it is.  Simon Saaz is one of the beers I can give to my friends who don’t get into craft and they still enjoy it. Appealing to the masses like that might not be a quality that I look for in every beer, but it is nice to have.  I’m never one to deny somebody a beer in my home, but when I share a beer with somebody and they don’t get that enjoyment it feels like a wasted can. I have yet to run into that issue with Simon Saaz though. It’s a beer that has not only been enjoyed by every person I’ve shared with, but also a beer that people ask for another. With warmer days right around the corner this magnificent Czech pilsner is a no brainer to have on hand whenever possible.  I know I’ll be looking to restock on this beer as soon as possible.

John Fahrner

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