The Rare Beer Club – Review

I had an opportunity to try some beer from a monthly beer delivery service called “The Rare Beer Club” and I couldn’t pass it up. Rare beer delivered to your door excites me.

A few days pass and I’m working in my home office when all of a sudden my dog starts losing his mind. He’s standing, literally standing, at the door window barking at the delivery man who I now see running away from my house. His arms in the air, running back to his truck hoping my dog isn’t released.

I look down at my front porch and there’s a box of beer. Glorious. Within 2 minutes of that box hitting my porch, I had that baby open. The interesting thing was they truly were rarities. Something I’ve never had before and that’s pretty cool. It was Wednesday, not a good time to open a 12% abv bomber so I waited….and waited until Friday finally happened.

Thus far I’ve only opened the Belgian and I’m here to tell you it’s fantastic. It starts with dark golden color that supports the wonderfully complex nose – figs and raisins. It was a bit boozy but not in an over-powering way. The beer had a surprise ending with just a bit of sour near the finish. A review of the bottle suggested that perhaps the nice sour note was derived from the 20% Old Ale added to the mix.

Overall I believe this beer to be a fine example of the big, rich and complex beers that The Bruery is known for.

Beer Facts:
Brewer: The Bruery, Placentia California
ABV: 12%
Style: 80% Belgian Quad, 20% Old Ale

A note about packaging. this one impressed me. It wasn’t overdone but did fully protected the bottles. I also liked the info sheet provided for each bottle. Something a lot of wine clubs do but rarely seen in the beer world from my experience.

Protective Packaging

Coming up next weekend is bottle number 2. The color alone is enough to make me want to open it on a weekday.


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