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Batch Brewing Co., Detroit, Michigan

Detroit is awesome. The city as a whole is going through changes and right in the middle of the Detroit revival, located in Corktown, stands Batch Brewing Company.  The brewery opened in 2015 and quickly has earned a reputation for making some of the best and most innovative beers in the state. Even the aesthetic of the building from the outside is a very modern and cool look to a brewery, much like the beer produced at Batch the building even has a creative and artistic quality that is very inviting.  As cool as the outside artwork is going in the taproom is clearly where the magic happens.

I love breweries that make it abundantly clear that you’re visiting a brewery. The moment you go into Batch you are immediately drawn into a very inviting yet also industrial feel for a taproom.  All the brewing equipment is clearly insight, the seating is mostly communal and the bar set up minimal in the best way possible. The space in the brewery is used really well to get the most out of the taproom and create a really friendly and welcoming environment.  It’s one of those taprooms that when you get there it just feels right, the kind of brewery that you sit down and feel right at home, as an avid beer nerd that’s about the biggest compliment I can give a brewery outside of the beer.  The food menu is insanely good as well. Batch does a really good job of having foods available that you would expect at a brewery or bar (things like pretzels, nachos, etc.) while also having different takes on classics like sandwiches and tacos.  There’s also a healthy amount of vegan and gluten free options on the menu which are just as tantalizing as anything else.

Then there’s the beer.  You know those breweries that you just trust?  The brewery that when you see their name or logo on beer and know that it’s worth trying? Batch is one of those companies.  Batch makes beers in the styles that I normally gravitate to and absolutely knocks them out of the park. My go to beer from Batch Brewing has been their Centennial Pilsner for a while now, it’s a German Style Pilsner brewed with Michigan Centennial Hops and Weyermann malts.  This is a fantastic year round brew but especially great during summer or any of the warmer months of the year. The Centennial Hops are the rock star of this beer and peak through beautifully making an extremely crisp beer that is just a bit more bitter than the average pilsner.  If you’re a hophead this is the pilsner for you. Then, if you go to the polar opposite side of the beer world, there are also beers at Batch that will surprise you with. I’m not a fan of Gose beers, nothing against them or anything but they’re normally just not for me.  That being said, during my last visit at Batch I tried Anejo Imperial Marta Rita Especial, a tequila barrel aged sour gose. There’s nothing about the description of that beer that appeals to me, honestly I’m not even sure why I ordered it, but it was fantastic. This beer was incredibly complex and wildly flavorful and if nothing else was a testament to innovative brewing. I really don’t think I’ve had a beer from Batch that wasn’t well crafted, it’s obvious that the brewing staff has a good understanding of how to make consistently incredible beers. Although some of these brews are not always available on tap keep your eyes open for Dicksmasher, Harvest Ale of Sorrow, and Dead Irish Writers which are among some of my favorites that Batch releases.

Batch Brewing has a slogan,  “Beer Makes Me Happy” and it’s proudly displayed on just about all their merchandise. Beer makes me happy too, especially when it’s made the way that Batch makes it.  Batch Brewing really is the whole package for a Brewery, cool environment, awesome staff, fantastic food, and top shelf beers. A lot of the time when you hear about beer in Michigan the attention immediately goes to Grand Rapids and the west side of the state, Breweries like Batch definitely are a strong reason to turn that beer loving gaze back to the city of Detroit.  Regardless if you’re flying solo or if you’re looking for a night out with your significant other Batch checks all the boxes, if beer makes you happy than Batch is a Brewery that you need to visit and visit frequently. 

John Fahrner

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  1. Their beer is the absolute best, but their food stand alone!! Everything their chef put on the menu is a step above great!! Love the beer and love the food!! Definitely worth the visit, but come thirsty and hungry!!!!

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