Brewery Travels: My Favorite Brewery/Beer From Each State

My Favorite Brewery/Beer From Each State! (That I’ve been to a brewery in)

I’ll try to be brief since this is a long article. I have now surpassed the 400-brewery mark, and those breweries have been spread across 37 states and 175+ cities. It has been my pleasure to share my experiences with everyone, and hope to continue to travel when I can. To celebrate this 400 brewery checkpoint, I’ve put together a ‘Special Edition’ of Brewery Travels. For each state, I selected my favorite brewery and beer, along with a runner-up or two. I also used parentheses to include what city the brewery is in, and the styles of beer if that is not obvious in the name.



So, a couple rules before you start reading:

  1. There is no state where I visited every brewery. I picked my favorite from those I physically visited. So please keep that in mind before asking why I didn’t list ‘Brewery X’ or ‘Brewery Y’.
  2. Yes, there are several states where I visited a small handful, or even only one brewery. I hope to rectify that someday, but for now that’s what I’ve got!
  3. Although I have been in 49 of the 50 states (looking at you Hawaii), there are still plenty of states I have not visited a brewery in, but I hope to get to them all eventually! Right now, the one that I most want to hit up is Michigan, as it is one of the top beer destinations in our country, and is within striking distance for me since I live in Wisconsin. After that I would guess Missouri and Kansas will be up next, but we will see where life takes me!
  4. For my favorite beers, they must be beers that I tried when I visited the brewery. If I had a beer from a store or another bar, it does not count towards this article.
  5. When I score breweries, I factor in the taproom and atmosphere. Beer is scored out of 10, taproom/atmosphere out of 5, total out of 15. So, there may be a couple instances where a brewery with slightly better beer got edged out.
  6. Click on a brewery’s name (which are in italics) to go to their website. If there is an article that features a listed brewery, click on the state’s name (note: not every Brewery Travels article is linked in this write-up).
  7. This is meant to be fun! And subjective! I’d love to hear your takes on your favorite brewery from the state you are from or have visited, so leave  please comments! Part of the joy of craft beer is that we all have different palates and enjoy different beers!

The map below marks the location for each brewery I have personally visited. Still lots of work left to do!

Alabama (4 breweries)

Brewery: Yellowhammer (Huntsville). Overall, I wasn’t super impressed with Alabama, but Yellowhammer was solid all the way around. Their taproom is connected to a wood-fired pizza place, making for the perfect combo. It’s named for the Alabama state bird (Northern Flicker).

Runner-up: Straight To Ale (Huntsville)

Beer: Smoked Scottish Ale, Yellowhammer. A nice smokiness exudes from the glass. It is slightly more present on the nose than tongue, but a quaffable beer overall.

Runner-up: Paramecium (Oaked Aged Sour w/guava), Straight to Ale, Midnight Special (Schwarzbier), Yellowhammer

Arizona (6)

Brewery: Dark Sky (Flagstaff). Besides Astro Cookie listed below, they had a Salted Caramel Stout that is also delectable. According to their site, they aim to release a new selection every week. Flagstaff may be known for the outdoors, but grab a beer while you’re there!

Runners-up: Mother Bunch (Phoenix), Wren House (Phoenix)

Beer: Krampushnacht (Black Gose), Mother Bunch. Brewed with Midnight Wheat, this is not your typical Gose. There are roasty and earthy elements dancing alongside the tartness.

Runners-up: Astro Cookie (Imperial Oreo Stout), Dark Sky; Jomax (Coffee Oatmeal Stout), Wren House

California (79)  Other San Diego Article Click Here

Brewery: Stone (Escondido). This was tough, as Mike Hess has phenomenal beer, but Stone gets the nod thanks to the overall experience. The gorgeous, expansive restaurant opens up to the lush gardens, along with views of the brewery along the opposite wall. Plenty of delicious IPAs too.

Runners-up: Mike Hess (San Diego), Bear Roots (Vista)

Beer: Bear Cookie (Chocolate Peanut Butter Stout) Bear Roots. This won’t be the only beer that features peanut you will see in this article, but it is the best one. A massive nose is followed by a smooth, creamy body, as peanut butter, chocolate, and graham cracker team up for a wonderful experience.

Runners-up: Raspberry Blush (Berliner Weisse w/raspberries & coffee), Mikkeler (San Diego); Into the Sunset (Blood Orange IPA), Mike Hess.

Colorado (7)

Brewery: Woods Boss (Denver). I love a taproom that feels like a lodge. And as the name suggests there are plenty of logs at Woods Boss. The fact you can walk there from Coors Field and downtown Denver in general is a huge bonus.

Runners-up: Ratio Beerworks (Denver), Epic (Denver)

Beer: The Dreams That Stuff Are Made Of (Farmhouse Saison), Woods Boss. Wonderfully funky with a smooth bready character balancing the brew. Golden straw in color, this was one of several good beers from Woods Boss.

Runners-Up: Urban Lumberjack (NEIPA), WestFax (Lakewood); Hold Steady (Dark Scotch Ale w/coffee), Ratio Beerworks

District of Columbia (1)

Brewery: Right Proper (Washington D.C.). Yes, this was the only brewery I visited in D.C., but I thoroughly enjoyed this stop. Some great, unique brews, and maybe the best use of a chalkboard in any taproom I’ve been in: a mural of animals attacking the capital in hilarious ways (picture in linked article)!

Beer: Sal de Gose (Oxacan Style Gose w/jalepeno), Right Proper. Oak-smoked wheat with just a smidgen of jalapeno allows this complex offering to test your palate. Overall, I would say they do a good job of keeping you on your toes with different ingredients and styles.

Florida (14)

Brewery: Aardwolf (Jacksonville). Even if you ignore the sweet logo and name, Aardwolf is top dog in Florida. They had some bigger beers with in-your-face flavors served up in a cool taproom that was an icehouse back in the 1920s.

Runners-up: Southern Swells (Jacksonville Beach), Orange County Brewers (Orlando)

Beer: Hold Me Closer Tiny Donuts (Oatmeal Stout w/local Minibar donuts), Southern Swells. Next door to Southern Swells is Minibar Donuts, and their donuts go straight into the mash, creating a sweet and tasty stout with plenty of chocolate and vanilla!

Runners-up: Robo Whale (Imperial Stout w/smoked pineapple, coffee, orange), Aardwolf; Sangvino Rhino (Belgian Witbier w/blood orange), Coppertail (Tampa)

Georgia (6)

Brewery: Orpheus (Atlanta). What makes Orpheus stand out above the rest is the special smaller taproom off the main area for their barrel-aged beers. This is where Stone & Flesh graced my lips. Sours really are the name of the game here, so if you like to pucker up, stop on by!

Runners-up: Monday Night (Atlanta), New Realm (Atlanta)

Beer: Stone & Flesh (Wild Ale aged in wine barrels w/peaches), Orpheus. Intense. No other word is a better description. There is a sharp tartness that is only slightly balanced out by the peaches. It’s a beer for those of us who appreciate a truly powerful sour.

Runners-up: The Cold Ground (Sour Coffee Ale), Orpheus; Fourteen Twenty (Mild Ale), New Realm

Idaho (1)

Brewery: Sockeye (Boise). Again, the only brewery in the state I visited, but as I mentioned earlier I’m a sucker for the woodsy lodge taproom. This may be the best example of that style I’ve been in, complete with pine trees surrounding the patio and a large stone fireplace inside.

Beer: Maple Bourbon Bock (Maibock), Sockeye. Maple is most prominent on the tongue, and although there are notes from the bourbon, the overall base of the Maibock ensures this beer doesn’t stray too far off course. Just a really solid brew.

Runner-up: Dagger Falls IPA, Sockeye

Illinois (14)

Brewery: Mikerphone (Elk Grove Village). This was a close call with Moody Tongue, but all three beers I had at this music inspired spot were deliciously bold. Plus, the guitars, speaker grills, and microphone tap handles were top notch.

Runners-up: Moody Tongue (Chicago), Marz Community (Chicago)

Beer:  Super Imperial Smells Like Bean Spirit (Imperial Breakfast Stout w/maple syrup & coffee) Mikerphone. Again, another tough decision, but this big, silky smooth offering has everything you want in a dark beer. This is one to seek out.

Runners-up: Sliced Nectarine IPA, Moody Tongue; Diliner Weisse (Berliner Weisse w/Dill), Marz Community.

Indiana (1)

Brewery: Floyd County (New Albany). This medieval-themed brewpub sits right across the Ohio River from Louisville. From battle axes to iron gates on windows, they take it seriously. They also have a full food menu to compliment the beer.

Beer: Flying Hammer (Wee Heavy Scotch Ale), Floyd County. Coming in at 8% ABV, this one doesn’t taste or feel like a larger beer at all. There’s a sweetness that brings out the caramel notes with just a subtle bitterness to level it out.

Runner-up: Running Wit the Devil (Witbier), Floyd County.

Iowa (15)

Brewery: Toppling Goliath (Decorah). This may seem like an obvious choice, but it actually wasn’t. Still, this sought-after brewery is quite impressive. A huge taproom serves up a variety of great concoctions, including the famous Pseudo Sue and Dorothy’s New World Lager.

Runners-up: Lion Bridge (Cedar Rapids), Pulpit Rock (Decorah)

Beer: Compensation (Dark Mild) Lion Bridge. It shouldn’t be a surprise that this beer is in this spot, as it won gold medals at GABF in 2014 and 2016. Toffee, biscuit, and a hint of chocolate combine in this smooth beer.

Runners-up: Tragedy of the Common (California Common), Iowa (Cedar Rapids); Dragon Fandango (Sour Ale w/dragon fruit), Toppling Goliath.

Kentucky (5)

Brewery: Akasha (Louisville). The Gose mentioned below is Akasha’s calling card, and I had multiple people in Louisville tell me to go there to check it out. They also have resurrected an old lager recipe from around the turn of the 20th century.

Runners-up: Braxton (Covington), Goodwood (Louisville)

Beer: Gose, Akasha. The brewer at Akasha has actually given presentations to other brewers about the making of a Gose. Coriander and salt are used perfectly in this example, and it’s easy to see why the locals love it.

Runners-up: PB&J Ale (Peanut Butter & Jelly Stout); Old Louisville (Louisville), Cinnamon Brown Ale, Braxton.

Louisiana (4)

Brewery: NOLA, New Orleans. You will see below that they use some interesting ingredients. Another not listed? A Blonde Ale with beet & ginger. With 20+ beers on tap, they will certainly have something to pique your interest.

Runner-up: Urban South, New Orleans

Beer: Passion Pit (Barrel-aged Wild Ale w/passion fruit & naranjilla), NOLA. Like some others in this article, this beer brings the intensity. This one does lean a little more on the passion fruit, which is a welcome addition.

Runners-up: Coop’d Up (Farmhouse Ale); Urban South, Boil Advisory (Blonde Ale w/crab boil seasonings), NOLA.

Massachusetts (20)

Brewery: Trillium (Canton). This was a tight decision, but all three Trillium offerings were so good I gave it the edge. Porters, sours, IPAs, they do it all (and do it well). It can be very busy on can release days, so make sure to check their calendar!

Runners-up: Lamplighter (Cambridge), Somerville (Somerville)

Beer: Easy Tiger (NEIPA), Lamplighter. This was the first NEIPA that I truly went head-over-heels for. It’s a 100% Brettanomyces IPA with Amarillo hops, and has copious notes of mango and pineapple.

Runners-up: Vanilla Pot & Kettle (Oatmeal Porter), Trillium; Sound + Vision (Sour w/raspberry), Lamplighter.

Maine (19)

Brewery: Liquid Riot (Portland). This pick may ruffle some feathers for those expecting Allagash or maybe Bissell Brothers, but I love the creativity that Liquid Riot exhibits. It helps that they are also an award-winning distillery and sit right near the waterfront in downtown Portland.

Runners-up: Allagash (Portland), Barreled Souls (Saco)

Beer: Jali (Sour aged on Tequila barrels w/jalapenos, peaches, agave), Hidden Cove (Wells). As you can guess, this beer is a mouthful. I normally do not care for tequila in any matter, but the characteristics of the other ingredients mesh with it beautifully.

Runners-up: Whoopie Pie (Stout), SoMe (York); Hoppy Table Beer (Sessionable Belgian Ale), Allagash

Minnesota (14)   Other Minnesota Article Click Here

Brewery: Surly (Minneapolis). Surly is a true destination brewery. If you can, go in the warmer months as they have a great outdoor area attached to their large taproom. Their dark beers, such as Coffee Bender, were my favorite.

Runners-up: Barrel Theory (St. Paul), Pryes (Minneapolis)

Beer: Maple Island Bock (Bock w/maple syrup), Maple Island (Stillwater). Like pancakes in a glass. From the nose through the taste, it is a treat of a beer. I love anything with maple, so this may be a beer that I rate higher than others would.

Runners-up: Island Fudge (Imperial Stout), Barrel Theory; Roasted (Coffee Ale), Burning Brothers (St. Paul)

Nebraska (1)

Brewery: Divots (Norfolk). Currently they serve out of The Sand Bar Restaurant, which is connected to the brewery. However, they have talked about building a separate taproom. Ten beers were on tap, mostly sticking to to-style offerings.

Beer: Bromance Coffee Stout, Divots. Nothing jumped off the page to me at Divots, but this was a decent example of a coffee stout. The coffee builds while you sip, and continues to become pronounced as it warms up.

Nevada (3)

Brewery: Tenaya Creek (Las Vegas). When you think Vegas, you don’t think craft beer, but the folks at Tenaya Creek have a couple GABF medals to show they mean business. The massive mural on the side of the building depicting desert animals is awesome.

Runner-up: Banger (Las Vegas)

Beer: Bonanza Brown (Brown Ale), Tenaya Creek. This beer has brought home a bronze medal from GABF, and is a great classic example of the style. Malty, with a nice nuttiness on the nose that is complimented by some chocolate.

Runner-up: Morning Joe (Coffee Kolsch), Banger

New Hampshire (25)   Other NH Article Click Here

Brewery: Deciduous (Newmarket). Honestly, there are two beers from here that very well could have made the list below. Deciduous seems to focus on sours and IPAs (especially NEIPAs), and has a nice modern taproom located in downtown Newmarket. Top notch place.

Runners-up: Stoneface (Newington), Garrison City Beerworks (Dover)

Beer: Moral Sweatshirt (Peanut Butter Porter), Garrison City Beerworks. I do love that peanut butter. Besides that being at the forefront, cocoa and graham cracker mix together, with the graham cracker sticking out on the backend.

Runners-up: Blue Dragon (Double IPA), Four Pines (Hampton); Berliner Weisse w/guava, Stoneface.

New Jersey (1)

Brewery: Tonewood (Oaklyn). Located in Oaklyn’s sleepy downtown just a short hop across the Delaware River from Philadelphia. The taproom had a very welcoming, family-friendly atmosphere with a rustic, laid-back feel. Only tried two beers, but they were both solid.

Beer: Fuego (IPA), Tonewood. Juicy, dank, with notes of peaches, passion fruit, and a little grapefruit, this is one I would recommend to hop heads.

New Mexico (2)

Brewery: Marble (Albuquerque). Marble won Small Brewery and Small Brewery Brewer of the Year back in 2014 at GABF. And they have not let up, serving great beer at multiple locations across the city.

Runner-up: Tractor (Albuquerque)

Beer: Wildflower Wheat (Wheat w/New Mexico Wild Flower honey), Marble. It must have been because it was local, but this was the best use of honey I’ve experienced in a beer. It leans fairly sweet for those curious.

Runners-up: American Wild Ale, Tractor; Smoked Helles, Marble.

New York (2)

Brewery: Swift Water (Rochester). A nice outdoor patio greets you as you approach the taproom that’s basically right on the Genesee River a little south of downtown Rochester. A long, winding bar is the focal point inside.

Runner-up: Lock 32 (Pittsford)

Beer: Cherry Sour, Swift Water. Intensely sour, with the sole focus being the cherries (of course). This was a close call as the Pumpkin Ale below nailed the spices and slight sweetness that one expects from the style.

Runner-up: Eerie Canal (Pumpkin Ale), Lock 32

North Carolina (12)  Other NC Article Click Here

Brewery: Burial Beer Company (Asheville). Burial was the brewery everyone told me I had to visit when I was in Asheville. And it lives up to the hype. Well-crafted, exquisite brews abound. Besides the beer below, I loved Skillet, their Donut Stout.

Runners-up: Brewery Bhavana (Raleigh), Catawba (Asheville)

Beer: Enticed by Confounding Mirage (Pineapple/Sage Mixed Culture Saison), Burial. As the name suggests, there are layers to this beer. They swirl together well, but the pineapple prancing on your tongue was my favorite note.

Runners-Up: Foeder-Aged Brett Saison, Brewery Bhavana; Soon to be Named Porter (Porter), UpCountry (Asheville)

North Dakota (2)

Brewery: Drekker (Fargo). Viking-themed spot right smack in the middle of downtown Fargo. While ‘Drekker’ is a made-up word, that doesn’t stop them from posting a definition up on the wall that explains the Nordic culture.

Runner-up: Fargo (Fargo)

Beer: Aquacops (Apricot Wheat Ale), Fargo. As the description suggests, apricot is the flavor of choice here. The elements of a wheat ale are still present, but don’t stick out the same as a to-style offering. It’s certainly a different take, and one I enjoyed!

Runner-up: Pillager (Porter), Drekker.

Ohio (2)

Brewery: Urban Artifact (Cincinnati). Both these breweries were excellent, I will need to hit Ohio again. My dad is a Lutheran pastor, so the fact that Urban Artifact is located in a church is both quirky and fun. Lots of sours here too!

Runner-up: Rhinegeist (Cincinnati)

Beer: Whirligig (Midwest Fruit Tart), Urban Artifact. This wild ale is brewed with Michigan blueberries, and hits you with tartness in the front before allowing a little funk to slide in the backdoor.

Runner-up: Peach Dodo (Gose), Rhinegeist, Chester (Cherry Saison), Rhinegeist

Oregon (25)

Brewery: Great Notion (Portland). Deliciously bold Hazy IPAs and fruited sours are the name of the game at this trendy brewery. The branding is on point for Portland as well, with their logo featuring a bearded, axe-wielding, flannel-wearing lumberjack clutching a beer.

Runners-up: Cascade (Portland), Breakside (Portland)

Beer: Blueberry Muffin (Fruited Sour), Great Notion. This is one some will argue hardly counts as beer. It’s as close to sucking on a jolly rancher as you can get. And I absolutely loved it. The two below are more typical selections.

Runners-up: Eliot IPA, Ex Novo (Portland), Mexican Chocolate Stout, Breakside

Pennsylvania (3)

Brewery: Evil Genius (Philadelphia). Located in a building that dates back to 1870 and once served as a rail car repair shop, Evil Genius offers enjoyable beers with funky names. I loved that they kept most of the exposed brick in the taproom, showing its age.

Runner-up: Crime & Punishment (Philadelphia)

Beer: #Adulting (Guava IPA), Evil Genius. Juicy, flavorful, guava-rific, with enough hoppy bitterness to remind you that it’s an IPA. This was a close call over Purple Monkey Dishwasher, which is like Reese’s Puffs cereal in beer form.

Runners-up: Purple Monkey Dishwasher (Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter), Evil Genius; Space Dogs: Damaka (Blood Orange Gose), Crime & Punishment

Rhode Island (1)
Brewery: Revival (Cranston). It’s a quirky setup, as you walk down a hill on the side of the building and enter through the side to get to the taproom, which sits amongst the brewing and canning equipment. Upstairs is a separate restaurant area.

Beer: Pinky Swear (Berliner Weisse), Revival. Berry, berry, berry. Blueberry and raspberry join forces, and the sourness does not overpower you. This makes it a nice entry-level choice for those unfamiliar with the style.

Runner-up: Night Swimah (Belgian Wheat), Revival.

South Carolina (2)

Brewery: New South (Myrtle Beach). This beach community does offer out-of-town visitors some local beers! They had just hosted “Porter Palooza”, where they had 5 porters on tap. It’s a little tough to find, but worth the effort.

Runner-up: Liberty (Myrtle Beach)

Beer: PB & Jilly (Porter w/peanut butter, blackberry, & boysenberry) New South. Depending on who you ask, either the peanut butter or berries overpower the other. I was in the latter group in this case, especially when it comes to the nose.

Runner-up: Santa’s Little Helper (Winter Warmer), Liberty.

South Dakota (3)

Brewery: WoodGrain (Sioux Falls). The Big Sioux River flows through downtown Sioux Falls, as does WoodGrain beer. The brewhouse is tucked into one corner of the taproom, and you can take a seat at one of the weathered wood tables to enjoy a drink.

Runner-up: Fernson (Sioux Falls)

Beer: Blood Orange Wheat, WoodGrain. This could have been any of the three beers listed. But as with some other ingredients I tend to have a soft spot for Blood Orange when it is used effectively.

Runners-up: Lion’s Paw (Vienna Lager), Fernson. Nervous Laughter (NEIPA), WoodGrain.

Tennessee (29)

Brewery: Mantra Artisan Ales (Franklin). They make some interesting beers down in historic Franklin, including a Nitro Milk Stout with chai tea and a Robust Porter with a few different smoked peppers.

Runners-up: Schulz Brau (Knoxville), Tailgate (Nashville)

Beer: Cassis (Barrel-aged Flanders Red w/cherry & currants), Mantra Artisan Ales. The tartness builds throughout the experience, and the base Flanders Red allows the added ingredients to shine through.

Runners-up: The Special (Belgian Dubbel), Black Abbey (Nashville); Salty Dog (Gose), Heaven & Ale (Chattanooga)

Texas (3)

Brewery: Peticolas (Dallas). The multi-leveled taproom located Northwest of downtown is serving up some great Texas-made beer. Michael Peticolas (the owner), is also a lawyer, and is fighting for the rights of craft brewers across the state.

Runner-up: Braindead (Dallas)

Beer: Velvet Hammer (Imperial Red Ale), Peticolas. Having your flagship be an IRA is bold, but when it’s this good, it’s a no brainer. Smooth, biscuity, this beer will catch up with you fast thanks to a well-hidden 9% ABV.

Runner-up: Beor Tunne (Old Ale aged in Sangiovese wine puncheons w/Brett), Braindead

Utah (2)

Brewery: Talisman (Ogden). Talisman doesn’t let Utah’s weird beer laws limit their success. They can’t serve anything on tap over 4% ABV, but they still manage to offer a multitude of choices that are full-flavored.

Runner-up: Roosters (Ogden)

Beer: Killer Grove (Honey Wheat w/blood orange), Talisman. Slightly tart with some citrus notes, the honey seems to stick out on the nose more so. And again, all their beers on tap sit right at 4% ABV.

Runner-up: Comin in Hop (Session Wheat IPA), Talisman

Vermont (11)    Other VT Article Click Here

Brewery: The Alchemist (Stowe). The hype is real. Trying their flagship DIPAs and IPAs on tap was one of the best beer experiences I’ve had. Also, it’s a gorgeous facility in a beautiful setting, tucked away in picturesque Northern Vermont.

Runners-up: Hermit Thrush (Brattleboro), Foam Brewers (Burlington)

Beer: The Crusher (Double IPA), The Alchemist. Heady may get the headlines, but I’m going with this bad boy. Citrus, pine, and pineapple all rose from the glass, as it had a wonderfully complex and delightful nose. It also goes down quick for being a little higher in ABV.

Runners-up: Heady Topper (Double IPA), The Alchemist; Stranger Things (Smoked Apple Gose), Foam Brewers.

Washington (2)

Brewery: Loowit (Vancouver). Just a quick jaunt over the Columbia River from Portland, Loowit is the Native American name for Mount St. Helens, which makes an appearance in the logo. You can also purchase the local art on display.

Runner-up: Odin (Tukwila)

Beer: Reinhardt (NEIPA), Loowit. Pillowy, creamy, and featuring the addition of 120 lbs of mango, this beer shows that New England has invaded the Evergreen State. One of three or four good beers from Loowit!

Runner-up: Odin’s Gift (Amber Ale), Odin; Gose the Gozerian (Gose w/pistachio nuts), Loowit.

Wisconsin (62)

Brewery: New Glarus (New Glarus). There are still other top-notch breweries I need to hit in my home state, but it will be hard to surpass my all-time favorite stop. Gorgeous valley views, delicious beers, it doesn’t get any better.

Runners-Up: Explorium Brewpub (Greendale), Eagle Park (Milwaukee)

Beer: Perky Porter, Stillmank (Green Bay). This was earlier on in my brewery journeys, and this beer struck the perfect balance between being lusciously smooth while allowing the coffee notes to shine on your tongue.

Runners-up: Serendipity (Cranberry Ale), New Glarus; BOTM’s UP! (Milkshake IPA), Eagle Park (Milwaukee).

Wyoming (1)               

Brewery: Altitude Chophouse & Brewery (Laramie). Just really well-made beer all the way around, including two that are consistent award winners. The taproom has more of a slightly upscale restaurant feel, but you can see the brewery through a window behind the bar.

Beer: Tumble Wheat (American Wheat), Altitude. Tumble Wheat has taken home both a gold and silver medal from GABF during different years. It’s slightly bolder, but retains a crisp drinkability.

Runner-up: The Keg Whisperer (Black Lager), Altitude.

Thank you to those that made it all the way through! Please leave comments on your own personal favorites from the state you live in and states you have visited!

Joel Geier

14 thoughts on “Brewery Travels: My Favorite Brewery/Beer From Each State”

    1. I unfortunately did not physically visit Tree House, but they are very high on my list. Hopefully when I return to MA at some point I’ll be able to stop there!

    1. Definitely, I hope to visit Seattle sometime in the next couple years! It’s a big hole in my map right now!

  1. For your Washington winner, you say “Loowit is the Native American name for Mount St. Helens.” There is no single “Native American” language or tribe. There are 100s of tribes and 100s of different languages. Loowit is specifically the name for Mt. St. Helens in Klickitat. As for beer, yes, you definitely need to get to Seattle.

    1. That is an excellent point. I certainly should have worded that differently, especially since I did not know the specific language associated with the word. And yes, hopefully Seattle is a trip I make in the near future! Cheers!

  2. “Although I have been in 49 of the 50 states (looking at you Hawaii), there are still plenty of states I have not visited a brewery in, but I hope to get to them all eventually! Right now, the one that I most want to hit up is Michigan, as it is one of the top beer destinations in our country, and is within striking distance for me since I live in Wisconsin. After that I would guess Missouri and Kansas will be up next, but we will see where life takes me!”

    You have probably only been to 48 states since you make no mention of Alaska. We do have a great beer scene up here in case you ever make it out. Some of my favorites/suggestions below (Definitely not a complete list of what we have available):

    Denali Brewing Company
    Bleeding Heart Brewery
    Turnagain Brewing
    Resolution Brewing
    King St Brewing
    Midnight Sun Brewery

    1. I’ve visited Alaska, but I was in high school so no brewery visits! I currently sit at 49 states visited total, but only 40 states that I’ve been to a brewery in. However, I am planning on going to Alaska again in 2021, so I will be hitting some local spots up then! Cheers!

  3. You messed up in Washington. Silver city is the best in kitsap county. Go back bud

    1. Absolutely I need to go back! As I noted, I’ve only been to two breweries in the state, and it definitely deserves significantly more attention. I’m hoping to get to Seattle at some point, as that is certainly a beer haven in itself! Cheers!

    1. Unfortunately I did not physically visit their taproom, and that is something I hope to rectify someday. They certainly make excellent beer!

    1. I am planning on visiting St. Louis this summer, so that will be changed! Looking forward to it!

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