Jackie O’s Bourbon Barrel Aged Skipping Stone Belgian Quad

Jackie O’s Bourbon Barrel Aged Skipping Stone Belgian Quad. 12% ABV, Athens, Ohio, USA.

ABV: 12%
Style:  Belgian Quad
Calories: 282
Brewer: Jackie O’s Pub & Brewery

Appearance: Deep dark hazy brown with an almost purple undertone to it. No head. No lacing. I recommend pouring carefully if you want to avoid sediment. Or just pour it all and take in all that flavor and texture.

Aroma: Yes, booze, but get over it so you can take in the fig and spice. It’s powerful. Dark fruit and caramel. And booze, lots of it.

Flavor: Bring back that fig and caramel. It’s rich candy like flavor approaches cloying. Don’t chug it, sip it and savor. Maybe even try to get it a little bit warmer temp wise. 55 degrees to pull some more flavor out. And yes, booze, a lot of it.

Mouthfeel: Thick body and low carbonation. Warmth gives the impression of carbonation, but it isn’t there. Filling. It’s beyond bread beer. You could subsist on this for some time. Warm, approaching hot. Lots of alcohol burn.

Overall Impression: This is a top shelf sipper. Packed full of flavor and body. Layer after layer of aromas and tastes. Huge ABV. Absolutely love it! Just be prepared for some bite.



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