Double Knot – Four Peaks Brewing – Beer Review

Double Knot from Four Peaks Brewing – Tempe, Arizona
Hops hops hops were dancing in my head as I approached this new beer. I haven’t had many beers from Arizona so this was going to be a beer journey without leaving my house. The added bonus was prominently displayed on the label – this was an Imperial IPA. To me an Imperial IPA is like a bourbon barrel aged stout. You’ve taken something great and made it even better.
The bottle is screen printed and bold. It only increased my high expectations. As I poured my beer into the  glass, I noticed it didn’t have much head, in fact it didn’t have any. Yet when I took my first sip it had plenty of carbonation. It’s nose was wonderful and pungent just like an imperial should be. The mouthfeel and body were perfect, above average but not weighing me down. The finish… let’s be honest even hopheads wait tensely for an imperial to knock them out. Sometimes it can be too much. This one didn’t, it finished smooth with just enough bitterness. A fellow taster at my bar thought it had just a hint of a sour finish. I didn’t detect much of that because frankly I found the bottom of my glass  too soon. Only then did I read the label.
“Dangerously smooth and drinkable…..” were the words written on the back of the bottle.  This  understatement fully supports truth in advertising. 
Beer: Double Knot
Brewery: Four Peaks Brewing
Style: Imperial IPA
abv: 9.2%
The weather here in Michigan is starting to warm up so I’m planning on grabbing their Hop Knot IPA next.
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