Bell’s Two Hearted – Beer Review

Michigan’s most iconic IPA…should be America’s as well

When I turned twenty one I was thrown into the world of alcohol. I started D7C7C621235A40A5AD2600D196CED8EDout choking down cheap shots and even cheaper beer. This lasted a couple years through college until I was introduced to craft beer, which opened my eyes, and palate, to a much more flavorful alcohol world.

I began transitioning from cheap Busch light to darker, more rich, beers like Guinness and Kilian’s (I thought at the time that these were craft beers.) I had tried IPAs a couple of times but absolutely hated them! They were so bitter I couldn’t even stand it. However, my tastes kept changing and growing and one night out at the local bar with some friends I said, “Sure, I’ll have a Bell’s Two Hearted Ale. The fish looks cool.” My beer drinking world would be changed forever.

From the light, fizzy appearance to the sweet floral and citrus smell that smacks you in the face right out of the bottle, this brew had my attention right 45DCDFD2F6454771939AC6AE7314BED6 away. As I was trying to come up with a beer to write a full review about, this one was the one that I had to do. It has to be the most iconic IPA in Michigan and I would argue in America. It absolutely changed my beer world and opened me up to loving craft beers.

It starts with the aroma. As soon as it pours into the glass, strong floral and citrus notes make an appearance without even needing to take a whiff. As you take a deeper smell, piney notes show through and hops, plenty of hops telling you that this is going to be a strong IPA.

The taste is hoppy and a big bitter bite right off the bat that leads to a citrus, B399E0108E8F441FBF8B923CB2A52BE4slight grapefruit flavor to cool off the hops. The marriage of these two characteristics pairs perfectly together to transition to a bitter almost dry finish that mellows out to a flavor that stays with you in an enjoyable way. The finish stays with you in almost a way to keep reminding you to take another sip of this delicious beer.

Overall it is a light, crisp, refreshing, very drinkable IPA that combines its ingredients in the perfect way and it shows how much Bell’s cares about their beer and their customers. This is the beer that opened my eyes to true craft beers and a hobby that I am now passionate about and I am sure it has had the same effect on others.


Bell’s Two Hearted ale
Kalamazoo, Michigan
India Pale ale
ABV 7%
IBU 55.0
Availability: year round

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