Yuengling Traditional Lager Beer Review

Yuengling Traditional Lager Beer Review

Yuengling Traditional Lager is a beer that I was introduced to on a vacation.  A buddy of mine told me that he found a beer that was not only really enjoyable and flavorful but also totally affordable.  To be honest I went into trying this beer feeling kind of skeptical about it, surely a craft lager that comes in a 12 pack costing only $10 would let me down right? Far from it, in fact the beer is so enjoyable I am genuinely jealous that it isn’t readily available in the state I live in because I would probably buy it all the time.

Pouring a nice light amber color Yuengling Traditional Lager embodies a lot of what is to be loved about lager beers.  It’s crisp and refreshing and easy to drink but still has body and a hint of sweetness that compliments its cascade hops very nicely.  Like most lagers the alcohol content is relatively low (4.4%) which helps keep the beer lighter.   This isn’t the kind of beer to go over board when considering balanced flavor or subtle notes and things that usually identify craft beers, that’s not what this beer is going for.  Yuengling is just a simple every day kind of brew, it’d be good for tailgating, big parties, budget beer drinkers, and days that you just want something a little more simple.  Yuengling not only serves a purpose but also fills a void in the world of quality beer, the budget option.  For what this beer is it’s a great choice and on a personal note I hope that Yuengling starts to expand it’s distribution to more states in the near future.

Overall Beer Rating 3/5

John Fahrner

Sommbeer – This is hands down my favorite “buddy beers” excellent in the summer too.

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John Fahrner

3 thoughts on “Yuengling Traditional Lager Beer Review”

  1. Yuengling is starting to expand. They returned to my home state of Mass. last year. After the initial hoopla sales died down a bit.

    Yuengling is now my go-to at Buffalo Wild Wings during football season. Their beer selection is about 80% macro, and if I stick to Yuengling during a four hour session of watching football the tab at the end of the day isn’t too high.

    1. I agree. It’s a great all around beer that doesn’t break the budget. It’s light enough to drink during the hottest of summer days too.

  2. Yuengling is a traditional lager. What makes it appealing to me is, it’s not produced by a multinational conglomerate, rather by the Yuengling family. In an era of corporate brews made by people with no vested interest in what they produce, other than the bottom line, Yuengling stands out. They do take care to produce a quality product at an affordable price.

    I would urge you to try some of their other beers. They make a Black & Tan that is quite palatable. They also make a porter and an ale. All are quite good for the price. And, they are American made.

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