Brewery Review: Wolverine State Brewing, Ann Arbor, MI

Wolverine State Brewing, Ann Arbor, MI

Wolverine Brewery…comments and thoughts from Renee and BK (cupid)


 We both agree that Wolverine is probably the best microbrew in the area.  Do you ever talk to someone that says something to the effect of… “I don’t like micro brewed beer, lets go somewhere I can get a Bud”.  Wolverine is a place where those picky drinkers who don’t really know about microbrews can go.  They have something for everyone from a Lighthouse 90 calorie beer (similar to a Bud Light) to the heavier and higher ABV.  They have a Light and Dark Amber that are both smooth, but the Dark Amber is one of their best.  They also offer some beers in bottles and cans and most everything is a growler.  Their lifetime membership is $65, no fancy mugs, just exceptional beer.  If I were to compare their beer to Arbor Brewing Company, Wolverine would win hands down.  ABC has different beers at their AA location, which are much better than the Corner in terms of flavor, smoothness and variety.  Other than a few like Jackhammer and Espresso Love, the Corner beer is mainly more hoppy and bitter, which is fine but not everyone cares for that sharp taste.









The food is also really good and even though I know it’s about the beer, you have to consider the food.  If you’re going to meet with friends or go for a couple beers, chances are you’ll want snacks or maybe a sandwich.  All their food is fresh and the majority, if not all, is locally sourced.  I think that makes a big difference these days in the competition of the microbrew industry.  None of them would want to turn away customers or potential customers because they heard there is no food or the food sucks.  Again, if I compare to ABC, Wolverine would win my vote.  The AA location has a sit down restaurant which loses the microbrewery appeal but they are also catering to the AA crowd.  The Corner has pretty standard choices but nothing that jumps out at you other than the burgers.


About the author:
Renee is a proud Chippewa from Central Michigan and recent EMU grad. Wolverine State Brewing lifetime mug club member since 2013, loyal customer since 2009.

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