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Note: All Sommbeer writers are volunteers, however we encourage writers to reference their website and links.

Guidelines for Sommbeer Contributing Writers
1. Original content only
2. Include as many original pictures as possible
3. Articles need an introduction – middle – ending (min 3 paragraphs)

First Post – Guest Contributor   (Just e-mail us your material)
You are welcome to e-mail me your first post. Include your material and pictures.  John Fahrner, our Senior Editor will review all of your material, so no worries about posting anything off subject or out of line.  We are here to support you.

Future Posts
If you choose to write additional material we will create an account for you on the Sommbeer site (a username and password will be sent to on a separate e-mail). This will allow you to write and edit directly onto Sommbeer.com.

When you are ready, hit the submit button and John will review your article.

Our goal is to give as much freedom to our writers so they can entertain our readers. Leverage your personality and tell your story, the Sommbeer community is full of characters! We are a laid back community at Sommbeer and we work hard to keep it that way.



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