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Happy 1st Anniversary

Featured Contributor Matt  @SportsNCraftBeer Happy 1st Anniversary Sommbeer.com! Craft brew enthusiasts champion the idea of community and Sommbeer.com exudes that quality. The contributors include blue-collar workers and a marketing agent; a poet and a historian; married folks and a stay at home dad; Australians, Canadians, and Americans; and those who love pumpkin beers and some who detest them. And that’s just the writers.  Sommbeer.com’s community involves avid readers, social media friends, and even quite a few that own their own beer blogs. Isn’t that what…

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The SommBeer Team

A Tribute to the Sommbeer Team Contributors – We’ve grown so much since that first contributor dared to write for this site (@hopscanary 7/24/14).  In a very short period of time, we’ve grown into a beer community and now boast a full team of contributors.  Let’s keep growing, I’m enjoying the ride. – David Adam McIntosh      @The1MacAttack Michigan Adam is a craft beer and mustache aficionado who majored in philosophy to implore the nature of craft beer. He is also an avid Detroit sports fan…

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