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Jdub’s Brewing Company, Sarasota Florida – Brewery Review

Jdub’s Brewing Company, Sarasota Florida Brewery Review by John Uhlig QUALITY. INNOVATION. CULTURE. That is the slogan that greets you for this Sarasota based Brewery. If you live in the Tampa Area, or are just visiting and like craft Beer, this is another brewery you should put on your list. When searching for craft beer I often look to local craft as I like to support the community. One of the Breweries that is most prevalent on grocery store shelves, where I live, is JDub’s.…

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Marker 48 Brewing – Weeki Wachee, Florida

Marker 48, located in Weeki Wachee, Florida With over 150 Craft Breweries (and counting) Florida is fast becoming a mecca for the craft beer aficionado and the Tampa Bay area is arguably the Capital of the craft beer scene in Florida. As both a long time resident and a craft beer lover, this makes a very desirable place to be indeed. Most craft beer lovers have heard of the flagship brewery in Tampa Bay – Cigar City.  A brewery known for its signature Jai Alai IPA. Although a…

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