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The Best Beers for the Super Bowl!

The Super Bowl is the biggest Football game of the year.  It’s also the biggest television event of the year, so big that people even tune in specifically to watch the commercials.  People all over the world throw house parties to enjoy the big game and all those house parties are loaded with snacks, food and beer.  So what beer should you buy or bring to a Super Bowl party? Unless you want to drink swill don’t take the advice of the NFL, no good…

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Sommbeer’s Top Thanksgiving Beers!

Thanksgiving is great! It’s a holiday that is filled with family, food, football and in many cases beer! So what kind of beer should you be drinking for Thanksgiving? There’s really not a wrong answer here but some beers certainly pair with the day better than others. These are Sommbeer’s favorite Thanksgiving beers! Bell’s Best Brown – #BestBrown taking in a beautiful Colorado view. Cheers to @derekcronk for sharing this great photo! #BestPartOfFall A photo posted by Bell’s Brewery (@bellsbrewery) on Oct 26, 2016 at…

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World Wide Stout – Beer Review

Your vote counts!

Your vote counts!On December 31st 2014 I watched to of my closest friends on the planet join together in the bonds of holy matrimony.  It was a fantastic day and I was more than honored to stand up in their wedding as a Groomsman in support of my buddy and the love that the two of them share.  While I was standing up watching the two of them commit the rest of their lives to each-other little did I know my phone, set to silent,…

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Do Those Fancy IPA Glasses Really Make a Difference?

Featured Contributor: Beth Pickard @brewcitybiker1  Created through a collaboration between Spiegalau glassware, Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head and Ken Grossman of Sierra Nevada, Spiegalau’s IPA-specific glasses claim to showcase the unique aromas and flavors of American hops. The glass that may come to mind when you think of a beer vessel was actually designed to mix cocktails. It was used to serve beer in bars because it was easily stacked, cheap and durable. However, when craft beer and hop-heavy beers came onto the scene, there was a need for…

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Send me Gose

Featured Guest Contributor  Doc Lyons @directordoc Hi, I’m Doc and I’m a beer enthusiast [voices in unison: “Hello Doc.”]. I’ve been a beer enthusiast for around 5 years now. Before that I mostly drank whiskey, wine and cider… I also had a fondness for mead. Since then I haven’t looked back… ok I’ve looked back occasionally, yeah whatever. Beer, specifically craft beer, has taken grip of my life as more of a passion than any other alcoholic beverage, and I’ve even begun brewing it at…

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