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Sounds like Dr. Seuss

The Dirty Secret – What the Big (M)ass Brewers Don’t Want You to Know

I’m not a conspiracy theorist but I can tell you there is a serious threat to our craft beer.  This threat is created when a brewer decides to drive profits at the expense of quality.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m a capitalist.  I just don’t think brewers need to deceive their loyal customers to increase their margins. Years ago I used to really enjoy Oberon from Bell’s Brewery.  It had a beautiful orange color and a relatively high abv.  It was seasonal and its annual…

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BEER RULE #7 – Avoid Mental Vanilla

BEER RULE #7 – Avoid Mental Vanilla Checkout all 7 of Sommbeer’s Beer Rules Hundreds of ice cream flavors and the top selling flavor is plain old vanilla.  Why?  Vanilla is comfortable and offers no risk. It’s important to pull yourself out of your routine and try something new. It’s easy to shuffle along that a well worn path in the beer store and pick up the same stuff you had the week before.  Ahhhhh, you think there’s comfort and familiarity and there’s no risk.…

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Beer Brand Bias – Say it Fast

We all have biases. In Michigan we have lots of Coney Island restaurants with lots of different brands.  I’m convinced the best Coney Island is “National”.  Other folks like to duke it out between two different shops located in downtown Detroit Coney Island Rivals. When I travel to Ohio, I enjoy their Chili.  It tastes great and is served on top of spaghetti noodles which is kinda weird but good.  To me, the best chili is Sky Line. I wonder though, can one shop really…

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Buddy Beer !

Buddy Beer: Cheap beer that you hand out to your buddies (or in-laws). The guys show up in your garage and stay awhile.  It’s your obligation to start handing out beers.  Do you give them $5 Belgian Lambics?  How about a cherished KBS, a stout so smooth it will make a grown man wait in line to get one (grown men don’t wait in lines).  The answer is no.  You give them something as cheap and available as water, you give them Buddy Beers.  Please…

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BEER RULE #3 – No Twisty Caps

BEER RULE #3 – No Twisty Caps Checkout all 7 of Sommbeer’s Beer Rules Ok, I run the risk of being labelled an elitist, part of the beer bourgeoisie (had to look that up). No matter, this rule is an important step towards your appreciation and complete understanding of good beer. Mass produced, bland, cheap beer tends to be made by companies with a lot of money.  They have enough money to invest in the machines required to put twisty caps on their crappy beer.  They…

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