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“More Drinking. Less Talking.”

Featured Contributor – EdWhoLikesBears @TheOnlyFeed “More Drinking. Less Talking.”  My brother in law is a lot of things. Husband. Father. Knockoff Oreo cookie eater. But more than any of that he’s completely wrong about beer. And that’s a huge problem.  It’s not like he doesn’t possess the refined palate to appreciate a great IPA. Or the reasons Bell’s Kalamazoo Stout is better than Guinness. He just chooses not to. He likes the idea of drinking High Life and saying things like “I know you need a fancy…

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Secrets from a Craft Beer Insider: Sommbeer Interviews Liz Crowe

From David- Founder of Sommbeer: Guest Contributor Liz Crowe @beerwencha2 We’re here today, talking with Liz Crowe.  Liz has an intriguing background as both a pioneer in the craft beer industry and author.   Her passions run deep and are as diverse as soccer to well …… craft beer. SommBeer:  Tell me about your beer background Liz Crowe:  Let’s see…long about 2008 I was selling real estate (check your historical records, it was a shite year for it but I was doing well. I’ve been told…

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