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BEER RULE #1 – Don’t Add Fruit to Beer

BEER RULE #1 – Don’t Add Fruit to Beer Checkout all 7 of Sommbeer’s Beer Rules Fruit is not allowed in beer Fruit is not allowed in beer or wine.  Why?  It detracts from the beauty of the beer.  It’s confusing; do I chew or do I drink?  Here in Michigan they insist on putting oranges in my Oberon (Bell’s Brewery).  Please don’t put oranges in my beer.  I do not like oranges in my beer,  I do not like them here or there, I do…

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Beer Review – Expedition Stout from Bell’s Brewery – Hide this beer from yourself

Your vote counts!

Your vote counts!This is a heavy thick beer that is expensive and needs to be aged.  I learned about the aging the hard way when I cracked open my first 6 pack last year.  I was overwhelmed with the taste of molasses and a harsh finish. After 1 year of aging this beer is amazing.  The trick is to buy this beer and hide it from yourself.  Seriously, buy it, hide it and forget it. Rating: Outstanding, will buy every year Alcohol by Volume ABV…

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