Beer Review: Brewery Vivant Solitude

Featured Contributor – John Fahrner @fahrn13 from Michigan I’ll be the first to admit that Abbey Ale’s are not typically my first choice when head to the store in search of a something new and tasty.   However, I have a world of respect for Brewery Vivant, they create quality beer with Belgian tradition and some local love.  So regardless of the fact that Abbey Ales stray a bit from my normal style I am always game to try a sampling from Brewery Vivant. Solitude is a…

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Beer Review: Stone Brewing Co. Coffee Milk Stout

Featured Contributor – John Fahrner @fahrn13 from Michigan Stone Brewing Co. is known for making big beers with big flavors.  Most of the Stone stouts that come out through the year, such as their Imperial Russian Stout or Woot Stout, stick to the big flavor big ABV and big bottle trend that the brewery is known for.  Coffee Milk Stout (much like Go To IPA earlier this year) bucks the trend and the result is a success. Stone’s Coffee Milk Stout is a modern spin on a…

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Griffin Claw Brewing Co. Review

Featured Contributor – John Fahrner @fahrn13 from Michigan The Michigan craft beer scene is ever expanding, it seems like every other day we hear about either a new brewery or new beer to peak our interest as a craft beer consumer.  Just recently Griffin Claw Brewing celebrated their 1 year anniversary as a brew pub and it’s not at all hard for me to say that they have earned a spot as one of my favorite brew pubs in the state. Located in Birmingham Michigan Griffin Claw…

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Cheboygan Brewing Co. – Meet the Team 2 of 2

You know what make’s a great team?  A common focus.  The Cheboygan brewing team has one common goal and that’s to make great beer.  They also work to make their customers feel welcome. So ……I had been doing that twitter thing with the brewery for weeks and was surprised at the personal touch they seemed to convey through a social media tool that can otherwise be rather dry for company accounts.   In fact, my first tweet in their direction resulted in a customized response…

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Beer Review: Founders Dissenter Imperial IPL

Featured Contributor – John Fahrner @fahrn13 from Michigan Founders Brewing Company is a company that is truly unique in the best possible way, they’re the only company that has never made a beer that I did not absolutely love.  Dissenter, the tenth addition to the back stage series of beer, and marks Founders first lager to be produced by the company in over 12 years.  Dissenter is a Imperial IPL  that packs an 8.7% ABV yet is remarkable crisp, clean and refreshing.  Dissenter is loaded with both tropical…

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Secrets from a Craft Beer Insider: Sommbeer Interviews Liz Crowe

We’re here today, talking with Liz Crowe.  Liz has an intriguing background as both a pioneer in the craft beer industry and author.   Her passions run deep and are as diverse as soccer to well …… craft beer. SommBeer:  Tell me about your beer background Liz Crowe:  Let’s see…long about 2008 I was selling real estate (check your historical records, it was a shite year for it but I was doing well. I’ve been told I could sell ice to an Eskimo or a…

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Kid Invasion: Why Not Bring Kids to a Brew Pub?

SOMMBEER BEER DEBATE #2 Kid Invasion: Why Not Bring Kids to a Brew Pub?   Sommbeer: Good brew pubs have relaxing atmospheres that invite conversation and fun.  Part of this includes bringing your kids.  Heck the brew pubs often make and push root beer.  Root beer!  I loved that stuff when I was 8.  Which is precisely my point.  The brew pubs encourage comes to visit.  Many have board games and kid toys just to keep them occupied. Patti Smith: …that should be amended to adult conversation…

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Brewery Review: Wolverine State Brewing -> Ann Arbor, MI

Featured Contributor – Renee K from Ypsilanti, MI Brewery Review – Wolverine State Brewing -> Ann Arbor, MI Wolverine Brewery…comments and thoughts from Renee and BK (cupid)  We both agree that Wolverine is probably the best microbrew in the area.  Do you ever talk to someone that says something to the effect of… “I don’t like micro brewed beer, lets go somewhere I can get a Bud”.  Wolverine is a place where those picky drinkers who don’t really know about microbrews can go.  They have something…

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Beer and Food Pairings for The Craft Beer Football Fan

Featured Contributor – John Fahrner @fahrn13 from Michigan It’s mid August and football season is upon us once again.  Football is a great game not only for the sport and the tradition, but for many people like myself it’s an event that provides the opportunity for social gatherings.  With Social gatherings comes serving of great food and of course enjoyment of great beer!  This clearly is an opportunity to make sure that you, and possibly your guests, are getting the most out of your food and beer…

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Brewery Review: Cheboygan Brewing Co. Part 1 of 2

“Up North” at Cheyboygan Brewing Company Every year I travel with my family “Up North” to Cheboygan, MI.  I love Cheboygan, it’s the perfect place to unwind. In year’s past we would run to the local Walmart as soon as we arrived to load up on all the steaks, chips and dip we needed for the week. My wife’s goal was to avoid shopping, I wanted to avoid people (‘cept for my family of course). Then a few years ago a local brewery opened up…

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