Brew News – Beer Thieves steal 100 year old beer

These guys should be glad they didn’t steal my beer. Not cool. From the Tacoma, WA News Tribune;  “The owner of a popular Tacoma brewery is hoping that whoever stole six 100-year-old bottles of beer from his truck late Sunday doesn’t try to take a swig. If they do? “It’ll taste like vinegar or putrid water,” said Steve Navarro, co-owner of Pacific Brewing and Malting in downtown Tacoma at 610 Pacific Ave. Unlike scotch or wine, most beers don’t age very well.” Read more here:…

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Pedal Pub Approved for major metropolitan areas

Rate this Beer

Rate this BeerDetroit is the latest large city to receive approval for the newest beer drinking trend – pedal pubs.  A group of friends or complete strangers jumps aboard one of these mobile pubs so they can drink and socialize.  For me, I think it would also be fun to have already worked off a few hundred of the calories I’ve just consumed. Read more here

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List of Top Beer Cities in the U.S.

List of Top Beer Cities in the U.S.   From InfoGroup  “Where do beer or wine drinkers live, and what kind of lifestyles do they lead? In an ongoing series of consumer and business insights, Infogroup ranked top beer and wine cities in the U.S., utilizing Infogroup’s verified business database of more than 15 million records. The study analyzed U.S. Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs1) of more than 1 million in population based on their concentration of beer and wine businesses per 10,000 residents. Further, each…

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Beer News – What The Election Results Mean For Beer

What The Election Results Mean For Beer By Matt Sandy  |  November 11, 2016  | Paste Magazine National: Beer makes America great Though the presidential race certainly led to much anxiety-induced tippling, there were a few notable election results related to craft beer. In Oklahoma, SQ 792 will relax ABV caps at convenience and grocery stores, allowing them to sell beer above 3.2% while also allowing wine and liquor stores to have up to two locations and sell non-alcoholic items. Up in Maine, Heather Sanborn,…

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