A Tale of Two Dark Beers

Featured Contributor Matt  @SportsNCraftBeer Beer Review #1: Deschutes Brewing’s  Black Butte Porter I purchased a six-pack of Deschutes Black Butte Porter with knowledge from several beer-rating sites of its overall popularity. However, I am rather picky about my porters, notably since I do not prefer porters that are overwhelmingly coffee flavored – I am not a coffee drinker. I also rarely enjoy porters laden with chocolate. In general, I like my darker beers to exude balance and present a level of skill in appealing to…

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Southern Tier Creme Brulee Stout: Beer Review

Featured Contributor – John Fahrner @fahrn13 from Michigan Southern Tier is a wonderful brewery that is based out of Lakewood New York and is best known for their very highly regarded Pumking and Warlock pumpkin beers that release every year in fall.  Those beers are great, especially if you like the annual pumpkin invasion, but in my opinion Southern Tier really excels at the art of making beautifully rich stouts that manage to separate themselves from some other imperial offerings hitting shelves in the beginning of the year.…

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Beer Culture in the Eurozone

Featured Contributor – Beth @brewcitybiker1 from Milwaukee, WI During a month-long solo backpacking tour across Europe, I discovered some of the best beers in the world. My route led me from Copenhagen south to the global city of Berlin and later to historic Munich. From there, I ventured into France, not known for its beer, but gleaning quite a bit from neighboring Belgium. I pushed south once more into the Mediterranean region and visited southern France and Barcelona before trekking to my final destination of Madrid. Each region…

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It’s Ok To Enjoy Popular Beers

Featured Contributor – John Fahrner @fahrn13 from Michigan It wasn’t all that long ago when going out to a bar meant that you had a very limited selection of beers to choose from, most of the time Bud Light, Miller Light, and Budweiser.  As consumers we seem to have revolted against this line of thinking,   and prevaled!  Now even family restaurants always seem to have something on tap that is of the craft beer variety.  Breweries like Founders, Stone, Short’s and Dogfish Head seem to be more…

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St Mel’s Brewery, the long return

Featured Contributor – Rob Nesbit   @ThisDrinkinLife  from Ireland St Mel’s Brewery, the long return St Mel’s Brewery, Longford Something is stirring in the centre of Ireland. A new and exciting brewery has opened, the first in the midlands region in about 150 years. St Mel’s Brewery, based in Longford Town, has decided to dip its toe into the ever increasing market in the country for craft brewing. St Mels brewery is a new venture started by Liam Hanlon and Eoin Tynan. Two local lads who have decided…

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Bell’s Hopslam Review

Featured Contributor – John Fahrner @fahrn13 from Michigan Bell’s has a variety of brews that are released every year as part of their annual release series, none of those beers are more sought after than Hopslam.  Hopslam has been a staple of the of the craft beer  hunter for as long as I can remember and has rightfully earned it’s place as a beer that sells out usually within hours of hitting shelves.   What I will never understand with Hopslam is the group of hipsters inside…

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Beer History/Culture: America’s Second Attempt at Craft Brewing

Featured Contributor Matt  @SportsNCraftBeer Who would have imagined that one day, a person could walk into a 7-11 and buy a Big Gulp and Pumpkin Ale at the same time? Americans are in the midst of a craft beer craze — the number of U.S. breweries rose from less than 100 to more than 3,000 since the 1980s, much of that in the last ten years. Despite dips in the sales of beer, overall, craft brew sales rose 15% during 2012 and 18% in 2013.…

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Beer Review: Two-For-One From Right Brain Brewery

Featured Contributor Katie  @PunkRockPoet84 The Confession: So, you may remember me stating in my last post that I don’t really like wheat beers. Well, there is one big exception to this: hopped wheat beers. In my defense, hops tend to make most things in life better. I finally had the chance to visit Right Brain Brewery the other day. Upon approaching the bar I was (probably way too) excited to see that one could order half pints! So today is a two-for-one review!   The…

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Weyerbacher’s Autumnfest Beer

Featured Contributor – Nick  @QuickSud As we make the transition from Fall into Winter, I took this opportunity to try a new Oktoberfest style beer before the season was completely over. In this case, an AutumnFest beer brewed by Weyerbacher. Previously, I had sampled their Imperial Pumpkin Ale – which was pretty tasty; albeit strong on the spicy side of pumpkin beers. A quick note about Oktoberfest-styled beers. Before refrigeration, beers were typically brewed until March in Germany due to the warm temperatures making it…

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Old Style Beer Review

I love this beer, I grew up on this beer.  As a young man, I’d travel to Chicago, walk the streets and see “Old Style” beer signs outside all of the neighborhood bars.  Not sure why we pub crawled back then, every bar served exactly the same beer – exactly the same beer. It is and still is Chicago’s beer.  I’m from the Detroit area, so when I visited it was fun to join in the local fun. True this beer is actually brewed in…

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