Saugatuck Starburst Wheat: Beer Review

A few months ago I opened my mind to a plethora of flavor and introduced myself to Saugatuck Brewing’s wonderfully unique Neapolitan Milk Stout.  I’m not going to claim that beer as my favorite, but I will say that the beer was one of, if not the most, thought provoking beers that I had the pleasure of enjoying over the last year or so.  Neapolitan Milk stout was recommended to me by a family member and after she nailed that recommendation I was excited to…

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From the Other Side of the Counter

Featured Contributor: Jamie Tierney @jamietie89 You’ve been stalking the release of that limited, overpriced, one-time release of the hippest of brewery of the month and have finally found a store that’ll be getting some bottles. You drive an hour, maybe more to this fabled super store hoping to get your hands on that bottle only to find that when you get to the counter, you’re given the run around. “Sold out” the clerk says. You get a glimpse of the bottle, possibly with a slip of paper…

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The Lovely, Sweet Jenny

Featured Contributor: Craft Brew Gal @CraftBr3wGal Let’s talk about this beer right here. Flying Jenny is a year round available extra pale ale.
 Brewed in? Westerly Rhode Island. 
Being unfiltered this little lady is a little hazy; Lite golden body with a lite caramel glow.
 This here is an Ode to Northwestern hops-Columus, Zeus, Tomahawk and…….. DRY HOPPED WITH CASCADE! (brewed also with five different malts.) Flying Jenny factoids: ABV 6 % Calories (Est) 159 IBU 54 <— I got more fruity hops character not too bitter She’s…

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Hap and Harry’s Tennessee Lager

Featured Contributor:  Rick Fenwick Drinking craft brew is fun. Part of the fun is seeing the creativity of the brewers with the names, labels, and even ingredients. When I drink a craft beer, I like to see the bottle and the label. I also like to read the story that comes with the beer. It is all part of the fun. When I think of Tennessee, the first association with food and beverages that comes to mind is Tennessee whiskey, like Jack Daniels. The…

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Beerology by Mirella Amato

Beerology by Mirella Amato – Book Review

Featured Contributor: Andrew Newton I first met Mirella while judging the Atlantic Canada Beer Awards last fall. At the end of the evening I had the opportunity to speak with her about her career and the Cicerone program. She was very approachable and happy to answer questions she’s probably been asked a hundred times over. It wasn’t until later that I understood what a Master Cicerone was, that she is Canada’s only one, and one of only seven in the world. I was intrigued to read…

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The Beers that Shaped Me

Featured Contributor:  Don Manfredi  @profmanfredi Many of us that have a love affair with beer have something in common – a backstory regarding the beers that shaped our tastes. We all remember our first beer and most of us remember the one beer that turned us into the zealots we are now. We recall the gateway beer that created the person that stands in line to buy a single twelve ounce beer for $10.00. This little trip down memory lane highlights the top 5 beers that…

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An American Reinheitsgebot

 Featured Contributor: Andrew Newton  @DrinkMeLocal In Andrew Gavrin’s recent article he talked about the need to better define what exactly craft beer is. In the end he laid out his own definition, including that craft beer should not contain any adjuncts. This level of brewing ‘purity’ sounds an awful lot like an American Reinheitsgebot, our own twist on the so-called Bavarian Purity Law that restricted brewers to malted barley, hops, water, and yeast. The reality is that the Reinheitsgebot is an idealized and romantic notion; more…

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Sommbeer’s Favorite IPA’s

As a beer loving community the Sommbeer crew has decided to do a series of collaborative post’s that we will be calling “Sommbeer’s Favorites”.  The purpose of these posts are just to give a brief look at some of each contributors favorite brews are of a particular style.  This post is dedicated to Sommbeer’s favorite IPA’s Alex: I am a big fan of Boulevard Single Wide IPA. This is the beer I got my start in craft beer with. It is a nice crisp beer.…

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session ale

Session Ale – Beer Review

 Featured Contributor: Nick Campellone Session Ale Manayunk Brewing Company This ale is by Manayunk Brewing Company and it is Session Ale. Session is a Belgian Style  Blonde Ale and is a type of beer most breweries are trying and putting out in the market. Manayunk is a local brewery in Philadelphia. They are right on the outskirts of the city and are right next to the Schuylkill River. I try to have a local brewed beer every once in a while to see what is…

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Vivant – Can a Brewery have good beer and good food?

I love my daughters.  They just aren’ too crazy about brew pubs.  When we annouced we were going to Brewery Vivant after we saw the Museum in Grand Rapids, Emm’s response was “you’re going to drink beer while we eat warmed up frozen food”.  I bristled at her harsh response but knew it could be true.  Good breweries do not always measure up when it comes to food. We walked into Vivant just a few minutes after they opened up for the day (no I…

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