“Earth, Wind and Beer” Trader Session IPA – Beer Review

Featured Contributor: Craft Brew Gal @CraftBr3wGal Uinta Brewing Co. Is located on 1722 Fremont Drive in Salt Lake City Utah. Uinta started off brewing in a renovated mechanic’s garage, in 1993.  After they started bottling the demand became so outrageous they relocated to their current location… A 26,000 square foot facility. They have VASTLY expanded their distribution!! Here we go… They now distribute to: ME, RI, NY, NJ, DE, MD, VA, OH, KY, NC, SC, GA, FL, IL, MO, MN, KS, TX, NM, CO, WY, UT, ID,…

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Kicking off Summer with some Spice! – Beer Review

Featured Contributor: Craft Brew Gal @CraftBr3wGal Summer Swelter Ale is a seasonal Herb/Spiced beer brewed by Baxter Brewing Co. ABV: 4.70% EST Calories: 141 Baxter is located on 130 Mill Street, Lewiston, Maine. Starting out in 2011 Baxter is fairly new to the game, but they already have six solid brews under their belt. If you haven’t had the chance to grab the Baxter Backpack just do it. At the end of that variety pack I felt like I had a good understanding and appreciation for…

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I Don’t Save Beer !

Featured Contributor: Bryan Alkire  @balkire19 I know this is blasphemy. I know that my beer fan credentials may be revoked. I also know this may make my first post here my last but I have to be honest I don’t have a beer cellar. I don’t store beer in a closet, and I don’t save any for a special occasion. I buy it, I drink it, and I move on.   First let me clear up one thing. I love good beer. I have stood in…

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Candi – Beer Review

Editors Note: I came across this Sommbeer contribution as I was bemoaning the sexist marketing efforts that so often irritate me in the craft beer universe – the irony.  Nick has provided an in depth review that is well worth reading however. Featured Contributor: Nick Campellone @craftbeerkcco Candi: Belgian Style Tripel by Old Dominion Brewing Company Trying a new brew tonight from a new brewery. The brew is from Old Dominion Brewing Company, which is part of Fordham and Dominion Brewing Company. Old Dominion Brewing started…

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Duvel – Beer Review

I’ve been accused within my beer circles of trying too hard to  like Belgian beer.  I admit it hasn’t come easy.  I also admit after drinking a super dark super strong Russian Imperial Stout that a light and tangy Belgian demands a “pinkies up” approach. That said I have a special place in my heart for Duvel. Two Years Ago………..I was on a business trip in Holland.  I had just finished a bowl of mustard soup – no kidding.  Having finished my first forgettable beer,…

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Stone Ruination 2.0 Beer Review

When Stone Brewing announced that they were discontinuing production of Ruination, their flagship double IPA that is available year round, my initial reaction was one of disbelief.  Thankfully shortly after the announcement that the beer would be discontinued came the announcement of Ruination 2.0, a new re-imagined version of the Double IPA that was said to be improved.  To be fair I didn’t think this was necessary at first, Ruination was great! An always available quality double IPA that I didn’t have to hunt down,…

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The word is out: Nova Scotia has AMAZING craft beer!

Featured Contributor Clint Fletcher @BeerMouth   Fast approaching 30 breweries, most of which have sprung up out of nowhere, our craft beer scene is truly magical and if you haven’t been paying attention you should start. As for me, well I’ve tried an unhealthy percentage of the beers in my province, many beers from other Canadian provinces and across the globe. Although I’m sure I’ve only had a small fraction of the globes offerings (but probably more so because my name is Clint) I have a…

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To Buy or Brew, That is the Question

Guest Contributor Lori & Andy @PerzellBrewing Should you buy craft beer or brew beer yourself?  That is a very excellent question and one that I am sure many craft beer lovers/homebrewers have asked themselves over the years.  I know that I have many times. Let me paint a picture:  You are talking to a friend and they find out that you brew your own beer.  After you have told them about all the knowledge you have gained, all the money you spent, and all the time you…

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Sommbeer’s Favorite Summer Beers

As a beer loving community the Sommbeer crew has decided to do a series of collaborative post’s that we will be calling “Sommbeer’s Favorites”. The purpose of these posts are just to give a brief look at some of each contributors favorite brews are of a particular style. This post is dedicated to Sommbeer’s favorite Summer Beers Andrew:  @abvbeer About 5 years back, I got the great fortune of heading to Munich to Oktoberfest (don’t worry, I’ll get to the “summer” part soon…). While it…

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Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale – Beer Review

Featured Contributor Rick Fenwick The Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale is one of my favorite beers of all time. It’s brewed by the Alltech Lexington Brewing and Distilling Co.  I have had the Kentucky Ale and it is also a good beer. They age the Kentucky Ale up to 6 weeks in bourbon barrels from Kentucky distilleries to get the Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale. I first tried one at the Winking Lizard at Independence, OH. which is an Ohio restaurant featuring a large selection of beer…

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