Beer Review: Magic Hat’s Wilhelm Scream

Featured Contributor Katie  @PunkRockPoet84 The Confession: I am a complete White Girl when it comes to pumpkin spice; candles, lattes, coffee beans, and (of course) beer!  I need it all! My issue with pumpkin beers is that they are usually wheat beers, which I’m not the biggest fan of. So when I saw Magic Hat’s pumpkin ale at the grocery store, I grabbed it like a little kid going for their first pieces of Halloween candy! The Beer: Upon my first sip of this beer…

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English Pub - Somm Beer

SommBeer’s 7 Beer Rules

SommBeer’s 7 Beer Rules BEER RULE #1 – Don’t Add Fruit to Beer    Please don’t put oranges in my beer.  I do not like oranges in my beer,  I do not like them here or there, I do not like them anywhere. This is forbidden at my house….. BEER RULE #2 – No Light Beer Beer is for flavor and fun.  If you want to lose weight don’t drink beer.  This same principle applies to non-alcoholic beer, don’t do it. BEER RULE #3 No Twisty…

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Founders Brewing Company Dirty Bastard Scotch Style Ale

Beer Review – Founder’s Dirty Bastard Scotch Ale

Featured Contributor – Nick  @QuickSud Founders’ Dirty Bastard Scotch Ale The word ‘Bastard’ is rarely associated with anything positive. You may stub your toe and exclaim the word. You may have been slighted at work and felt the need to utter the sound. In the case of Founders’ Dirty Bastard Scotch Ale, however, the exact opposite is true. This sud will help you associate the words ‘Dirty Bastard’ with nothing but pleasant thoughts of a cold, malty and flavorful brew. I first encountered Founders Scotch Ale inside of…

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Beer Review: Ten Fidy

Featured Contributor – John Fahrner @fahrn13 from Michigan Imperial, is there a word out there in the beer world that is more attractive?  There aren’t to many words that peak my interest more than the word Imperial, and following that word with stout, well 9 times out of 10 I’ll give that beer a try.  For some reason Ten Fidy is a beer that was on my wish list for the longest time and just kept getting put off as a brew to pick up and try.…

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Beer Review: Founders Dark Penance

Featured Contributor – John Fahrner @fahrn13 from Michigan Black IPA is one of the more interesting styles of beer out there and Imperial Black IPA is even more rare.  The style of beer is somewhat polarizing on it’s own and really, in my opinion, is one of the more hit and miss styles of beer in existence right now.  The big flavor that some of us have come to love and expect from an IPA is still there but the maltyness that’s more common in other styles…

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Beer Review – Left Hand Brewing Company’s Milk Stout Nitro

Featured Contributor – Nick  @QuickSud Left Hand Brewing Company’s Milk Stout Nitro Nitrogen infused beers are not a new concept. In fact Nitrogen can be found in Guinness’ draught and canned offerings via small widgets containing the gas. Nitrogen helps to deliver the creamy head one usually associates with proper stouts, along with that thick mouthfeel one has come to expect from these dark libations. Left Hand Brewing Company has found a way to deliver this experience in their bottled offering, the Milk Stout Nitro.…

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Beer Review: North Peak’s Red Oak Hoptober

Featured Contributor Katie  @PunkRockPoet84 The Story: North Peak Brewing Company caught my eye the day after I moved to Traverse City, mostly because I read the sign on the building as “North Perk” and thought it was a coffee shop. (While I am in probably a beer snob, I am indeed a coffee addict.) When I became a contributor to this site, I knew it was the first brewery I wanted to check out. First I went to their website ( to get some info…

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Brewery Review: Freedom’s Edge Brewing Company

Featured Contributor Vanessa  @BibleBeerBabies Colorado may be known as a mecca for all things craft beer, but head North and just over the border in Cheyenne, Wyo. you’ll find a hidden gem. Just a couple years old, Freedom’s Edge Brewing Company is quickly becoming a favorite among the locals – known for its friendly staff, laid-back atmosphere, and most importantly good beer. Though they originally opened in the historic Tivoli Building in the middle of downtown, this year saw their taps move around the corner into the…

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Wandering Willow

Wandering Willow Brewing Company – Meet Laren (Head Brewer)

- Wandering Willow Brewing Company Exclusive Video Release from a New Brewery Meet the Head Brewer – Laren – Wilmington, NC !  Click Here for Video      Interested in becoming a SommBeer Contributor? Send me a note   #wanderingwillow #wanderingwillowbrewing #wilmington #nc #brewery #craftbeer #brewmaster #headbrewer #wilmingtonnc #nc #wilmington  #sommbeer

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Beer Review: Founders Mosaic Promise

{{unknown}}Featured Contributor – John Fahrner @fahrn13 from Michigan ArtPrize is an independent art competition that takes place annually in Grand Rapids Michigan, it’s a radically open forum in which artists can discuss art and compete with each other for a number of different prizes.  Luckily for us these artists also are the inspiration for an annual brew from our good friends at Founders Brewing Company.  This years entry in to the ArtPrize series of brew is Mosaic Promise, an American IPA brewed with a single malt and a…

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