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Bucks County – Pipersville, PA – Brewery Review

 Featured Contributor: Nick Campellone @craftbeerkcco I find myself tonight at Bucks County Brewery, supporting local business by supporting a local brewery. I had the pleasure of meeting the owners and striking up a conversation about their brewery, which I enjoyed immensely. I love talking to other beer enthusiasts in general, but talking to an owner of a brewery and talking beer is where it really became fun. The owners are a real awesome couple that have a passion for beer, which is great and makes it all…

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Today We Raise a Glass to Dave

Featured Contributor –    Ed Goldsworthy Guys. Letterman retired. I have sad feelings. It’s been 4 days and I am just kind of coming to grips with this. If you are one of the proud and triumphant that number amongst the 3 people who have ever read a blog post of mine (John, David and my mom) then you know that I deliver a heavy degree of self-deprecation, sarcasm and snark. I use those for a couple reasons. One, as a coping mechanism  because of my…

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Get Your Friends to Drink Craft Beer this Memorial Day Weekend

If you don’t have a calendar, this weekend will be the cause of celebration for some and remembrance for others. This Memorial Day weekend will likely be similar to many others you may have had before. Perhaps BBQs and beer will be the main event of your weekend. Maybe you’re more of a shopping and beer type. Or if you’re a home-body like I am, your weekend will be filled with relaxation… and beer. Regardless of your celebration style, it is always a good thing…

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Pinner Throwback IPA : Beer Review

I feel like breweries that choose to can their beers go unnoticed far too often. Since I have started writing for sommbeer.com one of the beers that’s gotten the most feedback was Ten Fidy, a big beefy imperial stout that has honestly become one of my favorite trophy beers. Ten Fidy is one of the many amazing brews from Oskar Blues, A company whose beer I see pretty much anywhere I shop yet I really don’t hear people talking about all too often. I don’t…

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Hop Häus – Plantsville Connecticut – Bar Review

Featured Contributor: Craft Brew Gal @CraftBr3wGal My boyfriend and I were more than excited when we heard that a craft beer bar was coming to our area. We live in the Southington Connecticut area, and although there are many places in neighboring towns to grab a tasteful craft brew, there aren’t that many local spots in our immediate area. Having your “go to” bar out of town can be a drag, so when we found out Hop Haus was going to be right down the street…

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Up For Whatever

I think I’m getting old. Maybe I spend too much time on social media but I simply don’t understand the pointless bickering that goes on over opinions. Budweiser makes really crappy beer, if you are reading this post you have likely already come to that realization on your own. Still it amazes me how much time people spend actively pointing this out. We’re at a point in which Budweiser is definitely starting to notice smaller breweries as a threat and it’s reflected both in their…

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What Will You Drink After The Fall?

Featured Contributor: Andrew Newton @DrinkMeLocal We’ve spent two hundred years industrializing and centralizing beer production. But what if all that was taken away? While perusing my Father-in-Law’s bookshelf recently I came across this gem: It was published in 1974 as an encyclopedia of independence. It would be the perfect fit for a Cold War bomb shelter to teach you all the things you’d need to learn about homesteading after the apocalypse. It covers everything from farming to medicine to governance. Unfortunately homebrewing was illegal in America at…

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Craft Beer: An Argument for Civility

Featured Contributor:  Don Manfredi  @profmanfredi Editors Note: See Jamie Tierney’s original post Here. The recent blog post “From the Other Side of the Counter” really got me thinking. As I write this I am still not sure what my feelings are about that post (other than it was well written and thought-provoking) and more specifically how I feel about the current state of affairs in the world of beer. So instead of taking a stance I am going to present some evidence and let the readers decide.…

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The Case of the Missing Growler Station

Guest Contributor: Conrad B. @inbituinthebrew So, I’ve been missing from the Interwebs… again. Mainly because I wrapped up a 5,500 mile round trip drive from California to Georgia a couple weeks ago. That was a great time, which happened to suck the life out of my truck. Sorry, truck. I have also been missing because not 8 hours after said trip did I separate my radius and ulna from my humorous humerus. Either way, it was not funny. And for those who have been patella deep in Brewers…

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Send me Gose

Featured Guest Contributor  Doc Lyons @directordoc Hi, I’m Doc and I’m a beer enthusiast [voices in unison: “Hello Doc.”]. I’ve been a beer enthusiast for around 5 years now. Before that I mostly drank whiskey, wine and cider… I also had a fondness for mead. Since then I haven’t looked back… ok I’ve looked back occasionally, yeah whatever. Beer, specifically craft beer, has taken grip of my life as more of a passion than any other alcoholic beverage, and I’ve even begun brewing it at…

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